Infinicyt 1.8: A Multi-Dimensional Analysis Programme for Flow Cytometry

Note: This Article is written about Infinicyt Version 1.8. To find out about the improved features included in Version 2.0, please follow this link.

Infinicyt™ is the most advanced software for data integration and multidimensional analysis of flow cytometry files. The programme offers a wide range of tools that have been developed to give new solutions when analysing flow cytometry data. Its many functions include the ability to integrate multiple files from each tube belonging to an antibody panel stained for in a sample, thus yielding multidimensional analysis in an efficient and objective manner. Infinicyt™ includes exclusive tools that allow for improved analysis and identification of different cell populations. Infinicyt™ has been developed as part of the “Flow cytometry for fast and sensitive diagnosis and follow-up of haematological malignancies” EuroFlow™ project, led by experts in the cytometry field.

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Depending on your needs, Infinicyt is available as two licenses: Basic or Advanced. A summary of the features provided with each license are shown below:



Further Information

  1. Automatic Population Separator (APS)
    The APS Diagram maximises antibody panel potential by automatically separating cell clusters based on their immunophenotype. Based on the Principal Component Analysis, The APS takes all parameters into account for the best separation possible, providing parameter significance information for this segregation.
    Fig 1. APS Density Diagram. A 2D dotplot shows data taking two parameters into account, whereas an APS diagram takes as many parameters as required into account at a time. The APS can also give information about which are the most important parameters for cluster separation (Diagram Info window).

2. Reference Image
Reference Image is a useful tool whereby images and statistics from a specific condition can be stored and later loaded for comparison with a future case study (e.g. monitoring patient treatment by comparing pathological populations at different time points, such as MRD studies). Infinicyt™ 1.8 permits the user to include Reference Image statistics as a part of the function and statistics tool.

Fig 2. Reference Image. This example shows the case study´s kappa population assigned in green colour. Applying a “reference image” of a normal kappa-lambda pattern is useful for comparison, clearly demonstrating that the current case study lacks lambda light chain signal, and showing a different pattern to that of a normal case.


Fig 3. The reference image tool can also be helpful during follow-up to monitor MRD. This tool allows the user to save the image of the population of interest at the time of diagnosis (in this case, B-ALL blast cells) and subsequently load it for comparison post-treatment. This enables an easy reference for disease progression monitoring.

3. File Merge
The File Merge tool allows users to link in one single file information from different FCS files for a more complete and accurate analysis. A Parameter Band DotPlot can be used to evaluate all parameter at the same time. Infinicyt™ provides a quality control in order to verify if the selected population is equally represented in all files for the common parameters.

4. Batch Analysis
The Batch Analysis tool automates the analysis of multiple files making high-throughput analysis easier and less monotonous. Different actions can be configured at the same time for a certain group of files: apply analysis strategies, export statistics, export reports, export files with a different configuration, apply compensation and compare files with a selected database using Compass. Several Batches can be configured to use with a diverse type of files.

5. File Export

The File Export module can be used to export data in .txt, .csv or .fcs formats. It can also be
used to reduce the number of parameters or events as well as to change advanced
configurations. With the latest version of Infinicyt, Version 1.8, the report tool can be linked to a Laboratory Information System (LIS).


Fig. 4 Infinicyt allows the design of a customized report to summarize your data analysis, including live-updating text (keywords) and personalized comments.

6. Calculate Data
Calculate Data incorporates powerful algorithms that give precise and reliable calculation of markers expression independently of which tube they were measured. This tool integrates information of different aliquots into the same file so that any parameter can be compared easily with another independently of the aliquot where it was measured. Calculate Data is to be used for cells that present the same immunophenotype.

7. Maturation
The Maturation tool is specially designed for the study of maturation defects, such as
myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS), for straightforward identification of the cell populations and
maturation stages that differ from a normal pattern.


Figure 5. Maturation Diagram. This diagram shows the maturation pattern of expression of Neutrophils, from immature to mature stages, divided into 20 maturation stages.

8. Compass Tool
The Compass tool has been designed to allow the comparison of a suspicious sample against a
reference database (composed of known diagnosed cases) in order to orientate towards an
accurate diagnosis.


Figure 6.  The Compass tool has the ability to give an ambiguous or null result, if the result of the comparison is not unequivocal.

For further information about the features of Infinicyt, please click here to download their Reference Manual. Alternatively, you can view their brochure highlighting the new features available with version 1.8 here.

Product Information

Infinicyt Basic License

Infinicyt Advanced License
Product Code: CYT-INFINICYT-ADV1 (requires Infinicyt Basic License)

Infinicyt Upgrades

Infinicyt is available to purchase in the UK with Caltag Medsystems. If you would like further information, we can provide training webinars, workshops or visit you on site with the Infinicyt Technical Specialist at Cytognos. Please contact us to discuss your needs. You can also download a 30 day free demo version here.

Infinicyt 1.8: A Multi-Dimensional Analysis Programme for Flow Cytometry
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