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AMIMED® is the brand name of BioConcept's cell and tissue culture product line. Manufactured in Switzerland they offer you a broad range of special and standard (classical) media and the opportunity to create the optimum menu for your cells. The production plant is not only excellently suited for the production of cell culture media; it can also be used to manufacture sterile QC liquids and microbial broths and agars.



In stock in the UK: Cell culture grade water, endotoxin free

Caltag Medsystems have UK stock of high quality, tissue culture/cell culture grade water from BioConcept: Sterile Endotoxin free (<0.01 ng/ml) Dou…


An Alternative Supply of Lonza Classical Cell Culture Media - BioConcept

Lonza have decided to discontinue their broad range of BioWhittaker™ classical media and buffers in Europe, effective January 2022. If you are…

The BioConcept product line includes:

  • Special customer-designed media
  • Individual solutions for your cell culture problem
  • Complete cell systems applications
  • Standard media
  • Serum free and animal component (ACF) free media
  • Liquid and powder media
  • Animal sera
  • Buffers and balanced salt solutions
  • Supplements and auxiliary reagents

BioConcept is your Partner for:

  • Pharmaceutical production media
  • Customized cell culture media
  • Sterile liquid solutions
  • Powder formulations
  • Classic cell culture

Blog posts

Serum free baculovirus insect cell expression medium - BioConcept

The SF-4 baculovirus insect cell expression medium from BioConcept provides high yield high quality proteins, suitable for baculovirus expression in…



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