European and UK Distributor of DL Develop - A Provider of Quality ELISA Kits and Antibodies for Biological, Neurological, Immunological and Metabolic Research

DL Develop

DL Develop manufacture over 6000 ELISA kits for numerous research topics such as: apoptosis, cardiovascular, immunity/immunology, kidney biomarkers, metabolism, cancer and more. All ELISAs have a high specificity, sensitivity, a shelf-life of 12 months and target various species including Human, Mouse, Rabbit, Goat and Chicken. They currently manufacturer two different types of ELISA kits: traditional and ready-to-use.

Their quality management system is certified with ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 14971:2012 certificates, with all products inspected by a vigorous quality control system including: technical research and development, raw-material QC, and end-product QC.

Traditional ELISA Kit

DL Develop's traditional ELISA quality has been proven by repeated verification and critical tests including high temperature damage, long time preservation and other experimental verification methods.

Advantages of DL Develop's Tradtional ELISA Kits:

  • Competitive price.
  • High sensitivity, so results with hard-to-detect samples can also be achieved.
  • Available for customisation
  • High stability.
  • 12 months shelf life

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Ready to Use ELISA Kit

This superior product is rare and different from any other manufacturers. It shortens the assay length and reduces the possibilities of human error.

Advantages of Ready-to-Use ELISA Kit:

  1. Time saving: Detection Reagent A and B are all pre-diluted
  2. Reduced probability of Human error: Steps are reduced, and operation becomes easier
  3. Convenient: All of the reagents can be stored at 4°C. Avoiding confusion between batches, mishandling of components and the risk of waste
  4. 12 months shelf life and technical support can be offered

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