10% off Abnova’s Entire Product Range

10% off Abnova’s Entire Product Range

Abnova’s extensive portfolio features a rich array of high-quality products, spanning various categories including antibodies, proteins, ELISA/assay kits, FISH/CISH probes, and more. Their comprehensive range of reagents caters to life science research across diverse fields.

Now, and until the end of February, you can get 10% off ALL Abnova products! Make the most of this offer by mentioning promo code ‘202401-02_Prom‘ when contacting us.

Key Products from Abnova:

miRNA probes for in situ Hybridisation are typically short RNA sequences complementary to the miRNA of interest that are labelled with detectable markers such as fluorescent dyes or digoxigenin tags for visualisation.

Camelid Single Domain Antibodies (sdAbs), also known as nanobodies, have emerged as powerful tools in immunology and molecular biology. The product lines include FluoTag-Q, FluoTag-X2 and FluoTag-X4, featuring different numbers of sdAb and coupled fluorophore.

Human CD3/CD28 ActiveBeads™ with humanised antibodies are suitable for immunodeficient xenograft tumour models.

Anti-drug ELISA Kits are available for quantitative and qualitative determination of antibodies to drugs in serum and plasma.

You can claim this discount from now until the end of February (29/02/2024) by mentioning promo code ‘202401-02_Prom‘ when contacting us.

Caltag Medsystems is the distributor of Abnova products in the UK and Ireland.

10% off Abnova’s Entire Product Range
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