BioActs – Flamma Fluor Dyes

The Flamma® Fluor series is a panel of proprietary fluorescent dyes with brighter fluorescence performance than conventional dyes and with a broad coverage of the whole spectra from UV to NIR. It is applicable with most fluorescence equipment and for a broad range of application studies. In addition it is possible to select from a variety of reactive groups. The Flamma® Fluors are a perfect alternative and ideal for the replacement of Alexa Fluors, ATTO Dyes, DyLight Dyes, as well as other classical dyes.

– Full Spectrum of Fluoresence from UV to NIR
– High Purity and Bright Fluorescence Performance
– Wide Range of Reactive Groups

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Flamma Fluors Replacement Table

Flamma Fluors Spectras


BioActs – Flamma Fluor Dyes
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