EuroFlow Screening Tubes

EuroFlow Screening Tubes

The EuroFlow Consortium consists of 20 diagnostic research groups and Cytognos, a biotechnology company, regarded as experts in the fields of flow cytometric and molecular diagnostics. Together the 20 participants work together in the development and standardisation of fast, accurate and highly sensitive flow cytometric tests for diagnosis and prognostic (sub)classification of haematological malignancies.

Based on the results of the EuroFlow Consortium, optimised and standardised protocols for the diagnosis, classification, and prognosis of haematological malignancies (including MRD detection during follow up) will become available. The successful implementation of the proposal and the dissemination of the results to European haematological laboratories should result in health care progress through more precise diagnosis and individualised treatment.

EuroFlow Educational Book – Request a Copy NowEuroflow_handbook

The EuroFlow Handbook contains 10 EuroFlow publications over the last few years, sorted into three

  1. Standardised immunophenotyping for diagnosis and classification of haematological malignancies
  2. New software strategies for flow cytometric immunophenotyping
  3. Immunobead assay for detection of fusion proteins

If you would like to receive a copy of the EuroFlow Educational book, please contact with your delivery address.


Cytognos have developed a number of Euroflow validated screening tubes in collaboration with this consortium for the diagnoses of various haematological malignancies:

The Lymphoid Screening Tube Kit (CE/IVD)


The Acute Leukaemia Orientation Tube (CE/IVD)


The MM-MRD Panel (RUO)

The New MM-MRD Panel (launched in January 2016) now includes the CD38 multi-epitope (FITC) to enable detection of CD38+ cells even in patient samples undergoing anti-CD38 therapy.


The Plasma Cell Screening Tube (CE/IVD)


The Small Sample Tube Kit (CE/IVD)

This kit is ideal for small samples with low cell counts


The EuroFlow Screening kits manufactured by Cytognos are distributed exclusively in the UK & ROI by Caltag Medsystems. For more information about these kits, or any of Cytognos’ products, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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