Haematopoietic Cells – Delivery in Europe Within 24 Hours

We now stock our most popular haematopoietic cell types, including CD34+, MNCs, T cells & Monocytes, supplied from AllCells. This allows delivery to our European customers within 24 hours.

We hold in stock:

  1. MNC’s from Peripheral Blood : 50 million and 100 million cells / vial
  2. CD34+ cells from Peripheral Blood (mobilised) : 0.5 million and 1 million cells / vial
  3. CD34+ cells from Bone Marrow : 0.25 million and 1 million cells / vial
  4. CD34+ cells from Cord Blood (single donor) : 1 million cells / vial
  5. CD14+ cells from Peripheral Blood : 10 million cells / vial
  6. CD3+ cells from Peripheral Blood: 25 million cells / vial

Caltag Medsystems have a Human Tissue Authority (HTA) license, allowing us to store human tissue in our liquid nitrogen tanks in the UK.

Let us know if you require any other cell types or tissues to be stored in the UK, for convenient, rapid delivery. Contact us here.