Mini Samples ELISA Kits

Mini Samples ELISA Kits

Limited time offer on Cloud-Clone Mini Sample ELISA kits!

Difficult sampling and sparse sample size?

Limited sample size but too many detection targets?

Precious samples and low fault tolerance?

Why not make the most of this offer and try Cloud-Clone Mini Sample ELISA kits!

Cloud-Cloud is an award-winning developer of R&D proteins, antibodies, assay and ELISA kits, who won the 2020 CiteAb Awards as “ELISA Kit supplier to watch in 2020”.

With an impressive portfolio consisting of over 7,000 immunoassay kits, Cloud-Clone has kits against targets in most biological research areas.

All their products are developed under strict quality control measures with a three-level quality inspection system and under ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certification. It is safe to say that the quality of their products is 100 % guaranteed.

Cloud-Clone’s Mini Sample ELISA kits are based on the Cloud-Clone Mini-Kit Platform, designed for customers with a small sample. Cloud-Clone Mini-Kit Platform reduces the quantity of sample required by optimising the reaction system of immunodetection kits and improving the quality of the antibodies.

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Advantages of Cloud-Clone Mini Sample ELISA kits

  • With 12 years of research and development experience and with nearly 20,000 publications, the high quality of Cloud-Clone’s kits is 100 % guaranteed.
  • The kits are developed by the Mini-Kit platform with high affinity, high sensitivity antibody pairs.
  • Only a 25 uL sample size is required for the detection of targets.
  • Cloud-Clone Mini Sample ELISA kits are of high quality compared to traditional ELISA kits.
  • Antibodies from a 10+ range of host species and for a wide variety of targets in areas such as apoptosis, cardiovascular biology, cytokines, infection and immunity, metabolism, neuroscience, signal transduction, tumour immunity and for a variety of small molecules.

List of mini sample ELISA kits available*

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Standard curves of Cloud-Clone Mini Sample ELISA kits vs traditional ELISA kits

Some of the publications that feature Cloud-Clone products:

Caltag Medsystems is the exclusive distributor of Cloud-Clone products in the U.K.

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Mini Samples ELISA Kits