Multiple Myeloma MRD Panel – IVD Status

Multiple Myeloma MRD Panel – IVD Status

Multiple myeloma minimal residual disease IVD kit by cytognosMinimal Residual Disease (MRD) is defined by the presence, at low frequencies, of residual malignant cells post therapeutic intervention. In the particular case of multiple myeloma (MM), studies have demonstrated that the presence of a 0.01% aberrant plasma cells (considered at present, MRD positive cases) is associated with a poor outcome.

Cytognos exclusively offers the IVD MM-MRD panel, validated by the EuroFlow™ consortium for the analysis of multiple myeloma samples, designed to provide fast, ultrasensitive and accurate assessment of MM-MRD. Now CE marked for IVD use in Europe.

The MM-MRD Panel is carefully designed to specifically recognise by flow cytometry the following antigens: CD38, CD138, CD45, CD56, CD19, CD81, CD117, cytoplasmic Ig Kappa and Ig Lambda. The MM-MRD Panel is a pre-mixed 7 colour antibody combination designed for the accurate identification and discrimination of malignant and normal plasma cells in bone marrow samples from treated Multiple Myeloma patients.

Further Information

Product Information

Product Name: MM MRD Kit

Product Code: CYT-MM-MRD-CE-IVD

Size: 20 Test

Use: IVD

Reagent Composition

The MM-MRD kit is supplied as 2 different 7-colour combinations containing enough volume for 20 tests containing:

1)BulkLysis® – A fixative free ammonium chloride erythrocyte lysing solution

2)Fix&Perm® – A fixation and permeabilisation solutions for the intracellular detection of immunoglobulin Kappa/Lambda light chains.

3)Reagents for specific tandem compensation:
– CD45-PerCP-Cyanine 5.5
– CD19-PE-Cyanine7
– CD81-APC-C750
– Lambda APC-C750

4)Tube 1 contains a collection of lyophilised antibodies mixture for surface staining

5)Tube 2 is composed of lyophilised antibodies for both surface and intracellular staining.

A series of free webinars are scheduled to discuss the new tools and improvements of Infinicyt, with one focussing on the analysis of MM MRD sample with Infinicyt 2.0. Click here to find out more and to register.

To view the product information sheet, which includes references for the MM-MRD Panel, please click here.

The MM-MRD Panel produced by Cytognos is distributed exclusively in the UK and ROI by Caltag Medsystems. If you would like further information about the MM-MRD Kit, or any of Cytognos’ products, please contact us at or call +44 01280 827460.

Multiple Myeloma MRD Panel – IVD Status