Up 70% off on PMBCs and Plasma Products

ZenBio offers research partners a unique “cells and services” model delivering robust cell-based solutions to accelerate the discovery and development of therapies to better the human condition.

Caltag Medsystems is the go-to distributor for Zenbio products in the UK & Europe and we are delighted to bring you this time limited promotion. The discount is valid till 31st of March exclude shipping and while stock lasts. Please quote ZEN2020 in your order or quotation request.

Caltag CodeDescriptionCatalog PriceDiscount Price
SER-PBMC-200-FHuman PBMCs, 100 million cells£287£226
SER-PBMC-200P-FHuman PBMCs, (POOLED) 100 million cells£287£226
SER-PBMC-5P-FHuman PBMCs, (POOLED) 5 million cells£85
SER-PBMC-15-FHuman PBMCs, 15 million cells£94
SER-PBMC-10-FHuman PBMCs, 10 million cells£95
SER-PBMC-20-FHuman PBMCs, 20 million cells£96
SER-PBMC-5-FHuman PBMCs, 5 million £85
SER-PBMC-FHuman PBMCs, 15 million cells£129£94
SER-PBMC-P-FHuman PBMCs, (POOLED) 15 million cells£129£94
SER-CBPL-10MLHuman Cord Blood Plasma, (single or pooled donor lots), 10ml£136£93
SER-PLE-1ML Human Recovered Plasma, (Any Anticoagulant) 1mL£138£73
SER-PLE-1TRHuman Recovered Plasma, Pregnant 1st Trimester, 5ml£183£95
SER-PDP Human Platelet Depleted (Reduced) Plasma 200ml£375£138
SER-PDP-10 Human Platelet Depleted (Reduced) Plasma 10mL£98£73
SER-PLEHuman Recovered Plasma, 200ml, K3EDTA, Sodium Citrate, ACD, Sodium Heparin, Lithium Heparin, CPD, 200ml£364£161
SER-PLE10MLHuman Recovered Plasma,(Any Anticoagulant), 10ml£138£73
SER-PLE-H10Human Recovered Plasma (HIV-1 POSITIVE, HCV, HBV or Syphilis), 10ml£271£134
SER-PLE-MMHuman Recovered Plasma, Multiple Myeloma, 10ml£447£183
SER-PLE-CMLHuman Recovered Plasma Disease Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML), 1ml£271£138
SER-PLE-PCHuman Recovered Plasma, Diseased, Prostate Cancer (Adenocarcinoma), 1ml£271£138
SER-PLE-PRE19 Human Recovered Plasma Pregnant 19 Weeks 1.0mL£271£95
SER-PLE-MMHuman Recovered Plasma, Multiple Myeloma, 1ml£271£138
SER-PLE-HPCHuman Recovered Plasma, Sodium Heparin from Prostate Cancer, 1ml£271£138
SER-PLE-LCS4Human Recovered Plasma , Non-Small Lung Cancer, Stage 4, 1 mL£447£183
SER-PLE-GDHuman Recovered Plasma Graves Disease, 1ml£359£138
SER-PLE-ALZHuman Recovered Plasma, Alzheimers, Advanced Stage, 1ml£271£117
SER-PLE-LUPHuman Recovered Plasma, LUPUS, 1ml£271£117
SER-PLE-RAHuman Recovered Plasma , Rheumatoid Arthritis, 1ml£271£117
SER-PLE-BCHuman Recovered Plasma, Breast Cancer HER2+ K3 EDTA, STAGE 4, 1ml£359£138
SER-PLE-MBHuman Recovered Plasma, Maternal Blood, 1mL£271£117
SER-PLE-H1Human Recovered Plasma, (HIV-1 POSITIVE, HCV, HBV, or Syphilis), 1ml£183£95
SER-PLE-ZIKAHuman Recovered Plasma, Diseased, ZIKA, 1ml£271£117
SER-PLE-DDMAHuman Recovered Plasma Disease Dust Mite Allergy, 1ml£271£117
SER-PLE-ECZHuman Recovered Plasma from Atopic Dermatitis Donor (Eczema), 1ml£359£138
SER-PLE-H200Human Recovered Plasma, (HIV-1 POSITIVE, HCV, HBV, or Syphilis) 200ml£667£271
SER-PLE2MLHuman Recovered Plasma, (Any Anticoagulant), 2ml£133£73
SER-PLE-LIP200Human Recovered Plasma, (LIPEMIC), 200mL £389£161
SER-PLPHuman Recovered Plasma, Pooled, (Any Anticoagulant), 200ml£364£161
SER-PLP25Human Recovered Plasma, Pooled, (Any Anticoagulant), 25mL£163£73
Up 70% off on PMBCs and Plasma Products
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