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Welcome to Jellagen - Distributed in the UK & Europe by Caltag Medsystems

Jellagen manufactures next generation collagen products sourced from Jellyfish for application in 2D and 3D cell culture and medical devices.

Jellagen produces research grade functional non-mammalian collagen products sourced from Jellyfish. They supply collagen products to the cell culture and regenerative medicine research markets. The collagen is supplied in solution or as dried collagen and is used to create 3D scaffolds.

Benefits and Advantages of Collagen from Jellyfish

  • Next Generation - Versatile products from a novel, sustainable and low environment impact source that performs comparatively better than mammalian collagen sources.
  • Non mammalian - Disease free and vector free (BSE) products, bio burden free material.
  • Evolutionary ancient lineage - Due to the evolutionary ancient lineage of jellyfish collagen, Jellagen have witnessed that it does not fit any particular type of collagen but works effectively as various collagen types depending on the application
  • Scientifically proven - Jellagen's claims and performance are verified by application specific scientific data.
  • Ethically derived - Jellagens raw material is sourced ethically, environmentally consciously and collaboratively with marine biologists to ensure there is no impact to the marine ecosystem.
  • High performing biomaterial - Performs as well as Rat tail (but has the added benefit of being human biocompatible) and better than Bovine
  • Non Cytotoxic - Provides a cleaner starting material for research - Jellyfish is disease free and non cytoxic
  • Human biocompatible - Better performing than all other human biocompatible collagen sources. Rat tail is not human biocompatible.
  • Easier transfer from in-vitro to in-vivo study - due to Jellyfish collagen being human biocompatible


Fibrillar collagens such as type I, II, III and V exist as a triple helix. These form strong fibres that can be made into structures with low antigenicity, excellent biocompatibility and biodegradable making collagen a highly versatile biomaterial. The extraction process for Jellagen's non-mammalian collagen preserves its triple helix structure producing a functional collagen.


Electrospinning is a simple, versatile technique for generating nanofibres from a variety of materials. Jellagen's non-mammalian collagen is suitable for electrospinning, producing structures with uniform fibre arrangement, which can aid cell proliferation and migration. Jellagen's intended usage for this technology will be for medical devices as the collagen will provide a superior structure, function and biocompatibility.

Jellagen offer the Collagen from Jellyfish in two different formats: Solution and Dried Collagen


  • Acid soluble collagen from R.pulmo
  • Preserved triple helix structure and function
  • >90% pure
  • Supplied as 3mg/ml in 0.5M AcOH
  • Suitable for a wide range of cell culture applications
  • Suitable for electrospinning
  • Available in different volumes

Dried Collagen

  • Dried collagen from R.pulmo
  • Preserved triple helix structure and function
  • >90% pure
  • Supplied as dry collagen
  • Suitable for a wide range of cell culture applications
  • Suitable for electrospinning
  • Available in different quantities

Whitepaper: Next Generation Collagen for Next Generation Science

This whitepaper highlights why jellyfish collagen is the next generation collagen for cell culture and translational research.

Among many other benefits discussed in the whitepaper, Jellagen's jellyfish collagen has also demonstrated excellent cell morphological and proliferation characteristics and capabilities representing a high quality scaffold for cell attachment and growth. The results can be seen in this whitepaper.

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