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Antibodies - Jul 2019

Highly Specific Validated Monoclonal Antibodies

NSJ Bioreagents provide a wide selection of Human Protein Microarray Validated Antibodies. The specificity of these antibodies to their intended targets has been validated by the HuProt(TM) human proteome microarray, containing more than 19,000 full-length human proteins, resulting in extremely specific antibodies with high consistency from batch to batch and a long stability.

Immunology - Jul 2019

Immunology Research Portfolio

Caltag Medsystems has access to over 10,000 reagents for immunological research including; ELISA kits, antibodies, proteins, tetramers and more. 
Immune Tissue - All immune cells originate in the bone marrow, deriving from haematopoietic stem cells. We are capable of sourcing fresh whole bone marrow, diseased whole bone marrow, bone marrow isolated cells and bone marrow mesenchymal cells.

Cell Culture - Jul 2019

Cells & Tissues: MSCs, Naturally Better Cell Culture, Freezing Medium, Cell Expansion Service, Brainteasers and More

1. Clinically Relevant Mesenchymal Stem Cell Populations for Research
2. Naturally Better Cell Culture
3. Animal Component Free Freezing Medium
4. Highly Efficient Transfection into Neuronal Cells 
5. Cell Expansion Service
6. Do you Require Human Tissue Samples for Research?
7. Measure Angiogenesis in real time using GFP labelled HUVECs
8. Media For Intestinal Organoid Cell Culture
9. Brainteaser: Happens Only in the Middle of Each Month

Biovision - Jul 2019

Lipid Second Messengers... With Primary Roles

A Second messenger is a molecule that is released intracellularly in response to cell’s exposure to exogenous signaling molecules —also known as first messengers. Second messengers play vital roles in cell proliferation, differentiation, migration, and apoptosis. The list of second messengers includes cyclic AMP, calcium, cGMP, Nitric Oxide, hydrogen sulfide, diacylglycerol (DAG), etc. On the other hand, phospholipids act directly on second messenger activity/bioproduction: Lysophosphatidylcholine activates numerous secondary messengers – including PKC, protein tyrosine kinase, and calcium; while phosphatidic acid and phosphatidylcholine are precursors of DAG. BioVision offers a vast, yet increasing number of products for the quantitation of second messengers, phospholipids and enzymatic activities. Our assay kits are simple to perform, reproducible and validated with relevant biological samples.

Cell Culture - Jun 2019

Mesenchymal Stem Cells & CELLvo™ Matrix

Don’t Compromise Your Work 

Your work is important. Trust CELLvo™. The CELLvo™ Matrix is the only substrate available that closely mimics the full physical, structural, and biochemical microenvironment found in the human body. Together with our CELLvo™ Cells, cell culture artifacts are eliminated allowing the cells to respond to YOU.

Flow Cytometry - Jun 2019

EuroFlow Antibodies and Reagents

Cytognos provide flow cytometry reagents and antibodies for cell analysis, research and diagnostic purposes. This includes a range of Euroflow validated antibodies such as: CD8, CD56, Kappa, Lambda and CD81, in addition to other single colour and combination antibodies.

The Euroflow consortium is made up of various influential research groups whose aim is the development and standardisation of fast, accurate, and highly sensitive flow cytometric tests for diagnosis and prognostic (sub)classification of haematological malignancies as well as for evaluation of treatment effectiveness during follow-up.
In collaboration with EuroFlow, Cytognos have developed various panels for the Haematological malignancies:

Immunology - Jun 2019

eTOPIX_New Gasdermin Research Tools for Pyroptosis Research

Gasdermin D (mouse) ELISA Kit 
The Gasdermin D (mouse) ELISA Kit is a sandwich ELISA for quantitative determination of mouse Gasdermin D in cell culture supernatants and in cell extracts. This ELISA is specific for the measurement of natural and recombinant mouse Gasdermin D (full-length and C-terminus cleaved fragment). It does not detect human Gasdermin D


Cytomark - Jun 2019

Protocol Available - Extend the Integrity of Cerebrospinal Fluid Leucocytes

Why Stabilise Cerebrospinal Fluid with TransFix? 

Within Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) specimens, the qualitative and quantitative characterisation of infiltrated leucocytes via flow cytometry is an important tool for identification of various hematologic diseases [1, 2]. However, the number of leucocytes present in CSF is often very low and degrade quickly. Therefore, assessment of these cells is reliant upon urgent analysis which is not always possible.

Cell Culture - Jun 2019

ScienCell's Cell Culture Reagents

ScienCell Research Laboratories offers a full complement high-quality culture reagents. We also have a wide variety of cell transfection reagents, as well as any extracellular matrix your cells demand. Whether you require USDA-certified fetal bovine serum, Trypsin/EDTA, or an enzyme-free dissociation solution for your experiments, we can provide fully-tested and guaranteed components that will allow your cells to reach their maximum potential.

Newsletter - Jun 2019

Cells & Tissues: DNA and Lentiviral Transfection, MSCs, Tissue Procurement, Certified Cell Culture Media and More

Welcome to the Caltag Medsystems Cell Culture Product Highlights. Be sure to check out our brainteaser at the end of the newsletter!

1. Clinically Relevant Mesenchymal Stem Cell Populations for Research
2. Do you Require Human Tissue Samples for Research?
3. Naturally Better Cell Culture
4. Highly Certified Cell Culture Media
5. Cell Expansion Service
6. Measure Angiogenesis in real time using GFP labelled HUVECs
7. Options for DNA and Lentiviral Transfection
8. Brain Teaser: Belongs To You But Used By Others

Cell Culture - Jun 2019

Hepatocyte Cell Line; HepaRG

I would like to make you aware of the hepatocyte cell line; HepaRG. HepaRG cells have the unique properties of maintaining hepatocyte functions and are also able to carry out the complete replicative cycle of the Hepatitis B Virus, meaning they can be used in toxicology studies as an alternative to fresh hepatocytes.

Cell Culture - Jun 2019

Digestive System Research Reagents

Dive further into your digestive system research with our Gastrointestinal Cell System product portfolio. We have access to human and animal cells/tissue that make up the GI tract including: oesophagus, stomach, intestines and rectum. As well as the recommended media packages, antibodies, ELISA and assay kits.

Newsletter - Jun 2019

Flow Cytometry: IVD Antibodies, TdT Detection, Blood Controls, Multiple Myeloma and More

Welcome to the Caltag Medsystems Flow Cytometry Product Highlights. Be sure to check out our brainteaser at the end of the newsletter!
1. Stabilisation Of Reference Material
2. IVD Flow Cytometry Antibodies
3. Multiple Myeloma Product Highlights
4. Haematological Testing with Blood Controls
5. Flow Cytometric Detection of TdT+ cells
6. Cell Fixation and Permeabilisation – Sample Kit Available
7. Greater Value for Flow Cytometry Antibodies
8. Brainteaser: Pronounced Right or Wrong

Biovision - Jun 2019

Asparagine: The not-so non-essential Amino Acid

Asparagine is a non-essential proteogenic amino acid with critical roles in pre- and postnatal neuronal development. Congenital deficiency results in microcephaly, intractable seizures and neurodevelopmental disabilities. In contrast, asparagine depletion is employed as a treatment strategy for hematopoietic cancers, particularly acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Lymphoblasts are incapable of synthesizing asparagine de novo and are thus dependent on exogenous sources. Treatment with the bacterial enzyme Asparaginase deprives malignant cells of asparagine needed for rapid growth.

Cell Culture - Jun 2019

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Culture

Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC’s) are multipotent stromal cells that can differentiate into a variety of cell types, including osteoblasts (bone cells), chondrocytes (cartilage cells), myocytes (muscle cells) and adipocytes (fat cells).

Through our network of suppliers, we have access to adipose-derived MSC’s, liver-derived MSC’s, pulmonary-derived MSC’s, umbilical cord-derived MSC’s, bone marrow-derived MSC’s, wharton’s jelly-derived MSC’s and MSC’s which have been isolated from patients with Osteoarthritis (REN-OA).

Newsletter - May 2019

Drug Discovery Solutions: ELISpot, QuickSwitch White Paper, Tissue Procurement, Clinical Grade Cell Culture Media and More

1. Detect Biosimilar Antibodies and Anti-drug Antibodies
2. ELISpot: Monitoring Immune Outcomes at the Single-Cell Level
3. White paper: Analysis of Neoantigen-Reactive T cells using the QuickSwitch™ Custom Tetramer Kit
4. Cell Expansion Service
5. Do you Require Human Tissue Samples for Research?
6. Clinically Relevant Mesenchymal Stem Cell Populations for Research
7. Clinical Grade Cell Culture Media
8. Primary Cells and Media
9. Brainteaser: Where Am I?

Cell Culture - May 2019

Speciality Cell Culture Media

As the largest provider of normal primary cells, ScienCell is also the largest Specialty Cell Culture Media provider. Our kits are designed for optimal nutrition and growth of primary cells. Our media are manufactured and tested to ensure a high standard of quality and consistency. Each specialty medium is paired with cell-specific growth supplements for optimal growth and survival.

Cell Culture - May 2019

Measure Angiogenesis in Real Time using GFP Labelled HUVECs

The GFP V2a Kit™ - Vasculogenesis to Angiogenesis, is a validated, in vitro, human primary cell co-culture model of angiogenesis that allows the dynamic measurement of all phases of the angiogenic process.

General - May 2019

Identify Immunological Cell Markers With Our CD Antibodies

Cluster of differentiation (CD) Antibodies 
Through our extensive supplier network, Caltag Medsystems has access to a wide range of CD antibodies with various clones for use in Flow Cytometry, Western Blotting, Immunohistochemistry and more.

Newsletter - May 2019

Life Science Solutions: MSCs, Immune Checkpoint Pathway Poster, Gasdermin D Role In Pyroptosis, Elabscience and More

Welcome to the Caltag Medsystems Product Highlights. Be sure to check out our brainteaser at the end of the newsletter!
1. Clinically Relevant Mesenchymal Stem Cell Populations for Research
2. Free Immune Checkpoint Pathway Poster
3. Researching the Dermal Cell System?
4. Highly specific validated monoclonal antibodies
5. Gasdermin D Role In Pyroptosis
6. Elabscience Multi-Discount Offer
7. Psoriasis Research
8. Cell Expansion Service
9. Brainteaser: Starts and Ends With E

Cell Culture - May 2019

Do you require whole bone marrow or isolated cells for your research?

Caltag Medsystems are able to provide whole bone marrow aspirate and bone marrow cells collected from healthy and diseased individuals. Up to 100ml of bone marrow can be collected per donor with sodium heparin used as a standard anti-coagulant (other anti-coagulants available as a custom request). 

Metabolism - May 2019

Metabolism Research - Assays, Antibodies and More

Metabolism plays a key role in various areas such as physiology, cell biology, and medicine. Caltag Medsystems offer 1000s of products for research into many metabolic pathways, including:

Cell Culture - May 2019

Save Time Sourcing Hepatocytes

Sourcing Hepatocytes Has Never Been Easier... 
Fresh Hepatocytes 
Cryopreserved Hepatocytes 
Hepatocyte Cell Line: HepaRG 
Animal Hepatocytes 
We’ve tried to make our product range as comprehensive as possible, but please let us know if you are having trouble sourcing a product or human/animal tissue and we will help you find it.

Flow Cytometry - May 2019

Screening of Primary Immunodeficiencies

Primary Immunodeficiency (PID) disorders are a group of inherited conditions that causes the immune system to function improperly, there are over 300 different known mutations described so far.

Adipogen - May 2019

eTOPIX Highly Sensitive ELISA Kits for Autoimmune Disease Biomarkers APRIL & BAFF

The APRIL (human) ELISA Kit (Prod. No. AG-45B-0012) is a sandwich ELISA for specific quantitative determination of human APRIL in serum, plasma and cell culture supernatants. This ELISA Kit shows both high specificity and high sensitivity, which is a clear advantage compared to other APRIL (human) ELISA Kits from key competitors.

Inquire for attractive BULK prices for extensive studies.    


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