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Flow Cytometry - Jan 2019

Multiple Myeloma – Product Highlights

Looking into Multiple Myeloma? 
Caltag Medsystems works with various suppliers to provide numerous products for multiple myeloma research, diagnosis and monitoring, including:
Cell and Tissues from patients with Multiple Myeloma
Whole Blood
Cells and Cell Lines
Mononuclear cells from peripheral blood and bone marrow (PBMC or BMNC)
CD38 & CD138 IVD/CE and RUO Antibodies – Multiple Myeloma cases show High expression levels in CD38 and low in CD138


Cell Culture - Jan 2019

New: Measure Angiogenesis in Real Time using GFP Labelled HUVECs

The GFP V2a Kit™ - Vasculogenesis to Angiogenesis, is a validated, in vitro, human primary cell co-culture model of angiogenesis that allows the dynamic measurement of all phases of the angiogenic process.
Tubules formed contain a lumen and resemble the morphology and range of capillary lengths found in microvascular beds in vivo.


Newsletter - Jan 2019

Cells & Tissues: Frozen Haematopoietic Cells, Cell Expansion Service, Tissue Procurement, Transfection Reagents, Brain Teasers and More

Next Day Delivery of Frozen Haematopoietic Cells 
Caltag Medsystems has been awarded a Human Tissue Authority (HTA) license. This allows us to store human tissue in our liquid nitrogen tanks in-house in the United Kingdom. We now have several types of haematopoietic cells (from bone marrow and peripheral blood) in stock available for next day delivery. Contact us to learn more about our available stock or if you require any other cell types or tissues to be stored in the UK, for convenient, rapid delivery.

Cell Culture, Blood - Jan 2019

Cell & Immunotherapy: High Quality Starting Material Available

Caltag Medsystems has agreements in place with several suppliers of high quality apheresis material. All our suppliers follow a strict ethical framework with donor consent and ethical board approval of all collection protocols. 
With projects in cell and gene therapy development, it is critical to use a supplier with access to high quality material and attentive customer service. At Caltag Medsystems, each of our customers works with a product manager to ensure that their exact requirements are understood and met. We liase directly with our suppliers to find our customers the best material at competitive prices. With our 24 hour response time to our customers and ability to coordinate the logistics of shipping fresh blood products to our customers in Europe, Caltag Medsystems takes pride in our customer satisfaction.

Antibiotics - Jan 2019

eTOPIX Functional and Recombinant Antibodies

New & Unique
Functional and Recombinant Antibodies
Immune Checkpoint Proteins
Conformation-specific Antibodies 

NEW Mouse-specific anti-PD-1 Blocking Antibody
PD-1 (mouse), mAb (blocking) (1H10)
PD-1 (mouse), mAb (blocking) (1H10) (PF)
CD279 (PD-1) is a type I transmembrane protein belonging to the CD28/CTLA-4 family of immunoreceptors that mediate signals for regulating immune responses. Members of the CD28/CTLA-4 family have been shown to either promote T cell activation (CD28 & ICOS) or downregulate T cell activation (CTLA-4 & PD-1).


Immunology - Jan 2019

TIM Recombinant Proteins

Recombinant TIM Proteins from BioVision 
Proteins of the transmembrane immunoglobulin and mucin domain (TIM) family are expressed by multiple cell types within the immune system. They are important regulators of immunity and play prominent roles in the control of auto-reactive immune responses. Studies over the last several years have suggested that these proteins may be promising targets for therapeutic manipulation of immune responses. Thus, modulation of TIM protein function may prove to be a useful strategy to control autoimmune diseases and has opened up the possibility of a new area for immune modulation. BioVision offers an extensive collection of recombinant TIM family proteins that can serve as useful tools to support this research.

Adipogen - Dec 2018

eTOPIX Proteins with Enhanced Activity

AdipoGen Life Sciences offers the largest panel of ultrapotent MultimericLigands™ and highly active Mutant Proteins.
The high activity and low endotoxin proteins are produced in mammalian cells.
MultiPacks for big savings and bulk quantities for in vivo studies in mice are available from stock!  


Cell Culture - Dec 2018

Neuromics’ Cells, Media and Small Molecules now available from Caltag Medsystems

Caltag Medsystems is always expanding our portfolio of human and animal cells and cell culture reagents to better serve our customers. We are pleased to announce a distributorship with Neuromics who provide tools and capabilities for cell based assays and gene expression analysis.

Newsletter - Dec 2018

Christmas Opening Hours and Shipping Dates

Holiday Opening Hours and Shipping Dates 
Our office will be closed from 5pm (GMT) on Friday 21st December 2018 for the Christmas Holiday. We will re-open on Wednesday 2nd January 2019.
The last dispatch date for orders will be Monday 17th December 2018 for international shipments, and Tuesday 18th for UK shipments. All other orders will be shipped in the New Year.

Tetramers, Flow Cytometry - Nov 2018

Detection of Natural Killer T Cells

Natural Killer T (NKT) cells are a type of T cell that plays a significant role in the immune response. They produce large quantities of cytokines such as INF-γ and IL-4. These cytokines have downstream effects that can mediate the immune response to pathogens. In recent years, NKT cells are reported to have a role in the progression of diabetes and tumor immunity.

Hepatocytes - Nov 2018

Save Time Sourcing Hepatocytes

Fresh Hepatocytes 
Cryopreserved Hepatocytes 
Hepatocyte Cell Line: HepaRG 
Animal Hepatocytes 
We’ve tried to make our product range as comprehensive as possible, but please let us know if you are having trouble sourcing a product or human/animal tissue and we will help you find it.


Cell Culture - Nov 2018

Human Amniotic Mesenchymal Stromal Cells

The placental cell system functions to provide nutrients and oxygen, eliminate waste, and protect the fetus from potentially harmful substances. Endothelial cells, epithelial cells, trophoblasts, and fibroblasts are vital components required for normal placental development and function. Abnormal cell proliferation and regulation within the placental cell system contributes to the development of pathological disorders such as intrauterine growth restriction, placental insufficiency, and pre-eclampsia.

Newsletter - Nov 2018

Cells & Tissues: LeukoPaks, Animal Cells, Fully Traceable Media, Hepatocyte Cell Line, Brain Teasers and More

Welcome to the Caltag Medsystems Cell Culture Product Highlights. Be sure to check out our brainteaser at the end of the newsletter!
1. Fresh and Frozen Healthy and Diseased LeukoPaks
2. Hepatic Cell System Product Highlights
3. Neuronal Transfection Reagent
4. DNA Cell Transfection
5. Animal Cells
6. Remove Haemoglobin, Albumin, Lipids and Enrich Your Samples
7. The Importance of Fully Traceable Cell Culture Media
8. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Product Highlights
9. Brain Teaser: What Am I?

Blood - Nov 2018

Searching for fresh cord blood and isolated cells?

Caltag Medsystems offer umbilical cord stem cells, mononuclear cells and B and T cells. These products are available in fresh and frozen formats and are available from mixed cords or single cord donors from several suppliers. Custom isolations are also available, contact us for more information.

Adipogen - Nov 2018

Inflammasome Research for Innate Immunity

With the rising interest in inflammasomes and their role in the innate immune system, I would like to share with you the key inflammasome research antibodies we have to offer. Further information can be found in our brochure and poster. To request your complimentary copy please Click here.

Cell Culture - Nov 2018

Meet a High Performance Transfection Reagent

OZ Biosciences revolutionizes polymer-based transfection with the design of a novel patented Cationic Hydroxylated Amphiphilic Multi-block Polymer (CHAMP™ Technology).
Helix-IN has been designed for DNA delivery to a broad-spectrum of cell lines, preferentially adherent - such as HEK-293, NIH-3T3, CHO, COS, HeLa...
Cellular stress is reduced, viability preserved and efficiency enhanced.

Biovision - Nov 2018

CAR-T Cells: Reprogrammed Immune Cells to Treat Cancers

CAR T-cell therapy is a type of immunotherapy called adoptive cell therapy: collecting and using your body's own immune cells to treat cancer. Using this approach, the T-cells are taken from the patient’s body and then genetically engineered to express a chimeric receptor (CAR) which recognizes a specific tumor-associated antigen. As a result, the CAR-expressing T cells, when reintroduced into the patient's system, will target and eliminate that specific tumor antigen expressing cells. BioVision offers an extensive collection of recombinant proteins to support CAR-T therapy research, including:

Newsletter - Nov 2018

Flow Cytometry: Monitoring MRD, Screening of Acute Leukaemia, Fetomaternal Hemorrhage Detection, TransFix validated Antibodies and More

1.Monitoring Minimal Residual Disease?
2.Over 100 Cellular Markers Successfully Stabilised
3.Rapid quantification for Fetomaternal Hemorrhage
4.Screening of Acute Leukaemia
5.Monoclonal Antibodies Against GPI-Anchored Proteins
6.Brain Teaser: The Golden Cylinder

Cell Culture - Nov 2018

Don’t compromise your work: use CELLvo™ Matrix

Your work is important. Trust CELLvo™. The CELLvo™ Matrix is the only substrate available that closely mimics the full physical, structural, and biochemical microenvironment found in the human body. Together with our CELLvo™ Cells, cell culture artifacts are eliminated allowing the cells to respond to YOU.

Cytomark - Oct 2018

Over 100 cellular markers successfully stabilised

TransFix was designed to stabilise TBNK markers for up to 14 days for flow cytometry, however researchers around the world have published work indicating TransFix has been used to stabilise over 100 different celluar markers.

Blood - Oct 2018

Haematopoietic Frozen Cell Inventory – Next Day Delivery Available

Caltag Medsystems specialises in procuring haematopoietic and immunological cells collected from healthy and diseased donors. Our suppliers are able to isolate and purify a wide selection of human primary cells from a variety of tissues including: Cord Blood, Whole Blood, Peripheral Blood, Mobilized Peripheral Blood, Bone Marrow and Adipose.


Cell Culture - Oct 2018

Hepatocyte Cell Line; HepaRG

Good Morning,
I would like to make you aware of the hepatocyte cell line; HepaRG. HepaRG cells have the unique properties of maintaining hepatocyte functions and are also able to carry out the complete replicative cycle of the Hepatitis B Virus, meaning they can be used in toxicology studies as an alternative to fresh hepatocytes.

Flow Cytometry - Oct 2018

Are You Monitoring Multiple Myeloma?

A Euroflow validated flow cytometry-based method for minimal residual disease (MRD) evaluation in Multiple Myeloma (MM) is now available. Our MM MRD Panel (CE/IVD) is:
Fast/time saving
Simple to use
Cost effective
Interest in minimal residual disease (MRD) assessment in multiple myeloma (MM) has increased due to the high quality of responses achieved with novel agents and to the development of reliable techniques to evaluate MRD through flow cytometry.

Metabolism - Oct 2018

Glycolysis Pathway Assay Kits from BioVision

Glycolysis was one of the first metabolic pathways studied and is one of the best understood. Because this pathway is intrinsic in almost all cell types, the metabolites and enzymes in this pathway can be relevant to cancer research, cell signalling and carbohydrate metabolism research, enzymatic reactions and the study of the study of the Glyoxalase system. 

Animal Cells - Oct 2018

Do you require mouse or rat cells?

Are you looking for isolated cells from mouse and rat? If so, C&M LabPro have a range of products that you should be of interest to you.

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