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General - May 2019

Identify Immunological Cell Markers With Our CD Antibodies

Cluster of differentiation (CD) Antibodies 
Through our extensive supplier network, Caltag Medsystems has access to a wide range of CD antibodies with various clones for use in Flow Cytometry, Western Blotting, Immunohistochemistry and more.

Newsletter - May 2019

Life Science Solutions: MSCs, Immune Checkpoint Pathway Poster, Gasdermin D Role In Pyroptosis, Elabscience and More

Welcome to the Caltag Medsystems Product Highlights. Be sure to check out our brainteaser at the end of the newsletter!
1. Clinically Relevant Mesenchymal Stem Cell Populations for Research
2. Free Immune Checkpoint Pathway Poster
3. Researching the Dermal Cell System?
4. Highly specific validated monoclonal antibodies
5. Gasdermin D Role In Pyroptosis
6. Elabscience Multi-Discount Offer
7. Psoriasis Research
8. Cell Expansion Service
9. Brainteaser: Starts and Ends With E

Cell Culture - May 2019

Do you require whole bone marrow or isolated cells for your research?

Caltag Medsystems are able to provide whole bone marrow aspirate and bone marrow cells collected from healthy and diseased individuals. Up to 100ml of bone marrow can be collected per donor with sodium heparin used as a standard anti-coagulant (other anti-coagulants available as a custom request). 

Metabolism - May 2019

Metabolism Research - Assays, Antibodies and More

Metabolism plays a key role in various areas such as physiology, cell biology, and medicine. Caltag Medsystems offer 1000s of products for research into many metabolic pathways, including:

Cell Culture - May 2019

Save Time Sourcing Hepatocytes

Sourcing Hepatocytes Has Never Been Easier... 
Fresh Hepatocytes 
Cryopreserved Hepatocytes 
Hepatocyte Cell Line: HepaRG 
Animal Hepatocytes 
We’ve tried to make our product range as comprehensive as possible, but please let us know if you are having trouble sourcing a product or human/animal tissue and we will help you find it.

Flow Cytometry - May 2019

Screening of Primary Immunodeficiencies

Primary Immunodeficiency (PID) disorders are a group of inherited conditions that causes the immune system to function improperly, there are over 300 different known mutations described so far.

Adipogen - May 2019

eTOPIX Highly Sensitive ELISA Kits for Autoimmune Disease Biomarkers APRIL & BAFF

The APRIL (human) ELISA Kit (Prod. No. AG-45B-0012) is a sandwich ELISA for specific quantitative determination of human APRIL in serum, plasma and cell culture supernatants. This ELISA Kit shows both high specificity and high sensitivity, which is a clear advantage compared to other APRIL (human) ELISA Kits from key competitors.

Inquire for attractive BULK prices for extensive studies.    


Cell Culture - May 2019

Don’t compromise your work: use CELLvo™ Matrix

Your work is important. Trust CELLvo™. The CELLvo™ Matrix is the only substrate available that closely mimics the full physical, structural, and biochemical microenvironment found in the human body. Together with our CELLvo™ Cells, cell culture artifacts are eliminated allowing the cells to respond to YOU.


Immunology - May 2019

Help Bring Immunology Research To The Next Level

See below Immune System's GeneQuery™ kits 
Human Epithelial Cell Biology qPCR Array Kit
Human Thyroid Cancer and Disorders qPCR Array Kit
Human B Cell Receptor Signaling Pathway qPCR Array Kit
Human T Cell Receptor Signaling Pathway qPCR Array Kit
Human Macrophage Cell Biology qPCR Array Kit
Human Phagocytosis qPCR Array Kit
Human Innate Immune Response qPCR Array Kit
Human Malaria qPCR Array Kit
Human Dermatitis and Asthma qPCR Array Kit
Human Adaptive Immune Response qPCR Array Kit
Human Inflammation Signaling and Response qPCR Array Kit
Human Inflammatory Cytokines and Receptors qPCR Array Kit
Human Inflammatory Chemokines, Interleukins, and Receptors qPCR Array Kit
Human Lectin Regulation in Immune Response qPCR Array Kit
Human Myeloid Lineage Markers qPCR Array Kit
Human B and T Cells Development Markers qPCR Array Kit
Human Thymocyte Development Markers qPCR Array Kit
Human Innate Lymphoid Cell Development Markers qPCR Array Kit
Human Macrophage Polarization Markers qPCR Array Kit

Cell Culture - Apr 2019

Your Access To Human Primary Cells

Caltag Medsystems works with many suppliers across Europe and America to provide a range of primary cells, diseased and healthy, along with the recommended media and supplements.


Adipogen - Apr 2019

eTOPIX_Immunometabolism Research Tools from AdipoGen Life Sciences

AdipoGen Life Sciences offers a broad range of Cell Metabolism and NAD+ Metabolism Reagents:
Chemical Modulators of Glycolysis, TCA Cycle, Fatty Acid Oxidation, Fatty Acid Synthesis Pathway, Amino Acid Pathways
Chemical Inhibitors of the Enzymes IDO1 and Nampt
Biologically Active Enzymes: Human Arginase I / Human IDO1 / Mouse Nampt
The new brochure reviews briefly the concept of "Immunometabolism", includes a cell metabolism signaling pathway wallchart, and displays key small molecule inhibitors to study immunometabolism.


Clinical - Apr 2019

Clinical Solutions and Equipment: Changing Flow Cytometry, Specialist in Fetomaternal Hemorrhage, Immune Monitoring of CMV, Blood Stabilisation and More

Welcome to the Caltag Medsystems Clinical Product Highlights. Be sure to check out our brainteaser at the end of the newsletter!
1. ELISpot: measurement of immune outcomes and treatment efficacy
2. Rapid diagnosis of an active CMV infection in 2 hours 
3. Specialist in Fetomaternal Hemorrhage (FMH)
4. Immune Monitoring of Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Infections by flow cytometry
5. Changing Flow Cytometry
6. Blood Stabilisation: The Importance in a Clinical Setting 
7. Brain Teaser: Who Am I?


Cell Culture - Apr 2019

Cell & Immunotherapy: High Quality Starting Material Available

Caltag Medsystems has agreements in place with several suppliers of high quality apheresis material. All our suppliers follow a strict ethical framework with donor consent and ethical board approval of all collection protocols. 

Newsletter - Apr 2019

Cells & Tissues: Naturally Better Cell Culture, Tissue Procurement, Cell Expansion, Renal Cells, High Efficient Transfection and More

Welcome to the Caltag Medsystems Cell Culture Product Highlights. Be sure to check out our brainteaser at the end of the newsletter!
1.Clinically Relevant Mesenchymal Stem Cell Populations for Research
2.Naturally Better Cell Culture
3.Boost Isolation Efficiency of Primary Human Epithelial Cells
4.Cell Expansion Service
5.Renal Cells and Research Reagents
6.Do you Require Human Tissue Samples for Research?
7.High Efficient Transfection into Neuronal Cells
8.Your Primary Cell and Cell Line Provider
9.Brainteaser: What Am I?

Cell Culture - Apr 2019

Skin: Fresh & Frozen Samples, Isolated Cells and Subcellular Fractions

Caltag Medsystems supply both fresh and frozen human skin for use in different applications including: drug permeation, skin irritation, toxicology, and metabolism, as well as primary cell isolation.
In addition, we provide a wide range of skin cells: fibroblasts, keratinocytes, melanocytes and skin subcellular fractions.

Cell Culture - Apr 2019

Measure Angiogenesis in Real Time using GFP Labelled HUVEC

The GFP V2a Kit™ - Vasculogenesis to Angiogenesis, is a validated, in vitro, human primary cell co-culture model of angiogenesis that allows the dynamic measurement of all phases of the angiogenic process.
Tubules formed contain a lumen and resemble the morphology and range of capillary lengths found in microvascular beds in vivo.

Cell Culture - Mar 2019

Doing immune response research? Let GeneQuery help!

Custom Orders 
Free array customization ENQUIRE
All genes listed are available individually ENQUIRE
Check our Immune System-related GeneQuery™ qPCR array kits

Example applications:

Basic research
Identify cell signaling aberrancies
Determine relevancy of biological pathways
Study gene expression manipulation
Examine mechanisms that may characterize phenotypes
Compare cell functionality and biology in various conditions
Confirm clustered RNA-Seq, microarrays and other preliminary data


Flow Cytometry, Tetramers - Mar 2019

Flow Cytometry Sample Antibodies Available

Your New Flow Cytometry Antibody Supplier 
Cytognos provide flow cytometry reagents and antibodies for cell analysis, research and diagnosis of haematological samples. Look at our single, double and multicolour antibody cocktails, many of which are Euroflow validated.Our current most popular products include: CD8, CD56, Kappa, Lambda and CD81.


Cell Culture - Mar 2019

3D Tumor Modeling with Next-Generation NanoCulture Plates

Scaffolding is important for 3D cell culture to mimic tissue micro environment. However, working with the traditional gel format is a cumbersome procedure for many assay types including high throughput screening.
MBL International is excited to announce the launch of Next-Generation NanoCulture Plates for 3D tumor cell culturing. The NanoCulture Plate/Dish (NCP) is engineered with an evenly patterned nano-scale structure on a proprietary plastic film attached to the bottom of the plate. The pattern mimics the extracellular matrix and allows for cells to migrate across the plate and form healthy spheroids.

Newsletter - Mar 2019

Cells & Tissues: Frozen Skin Inventory, Dermal Cell System, Fully Traceable Cell Culture Media, Animal Cells, Brain Teasers and More

1. Frozen Skin Inventory
2. Researching the Dermal Cell System?
3. Psoriasis Research Products
4. Researching Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)? 
5. The Importance of Fully Traceable Cell Culture Media
6. Animal Cells
7. Clinically Relevant Mesenchymal Stem Cell Populations for                  Research
8. Brain Teaser: What do you see?

Frozen Skin Inventory 
Biopredic International is a major worldwide supplier of human and animal skin products. These can be used for applications including compound penetration, skin irritation studies, toxicology, metabolism and primary cell isolation. The inventory currently contains abdominal and breast skin available as full thickness or dermatomed pieces Request the latest inventory

Adipogen - Mar 2019

Inflammasome and Inflammation Research

Caltag Medsystems would like to share with you our key inflammasome and inflammatory research tools. Inflammasomes are multi-protein complexes implicated in physiological and pathological inflammation, and their activity has been linked to the induction of numerous inflammatory responses, either harmful or beneficial to the organism. Both inflammasomes and inflammation play a vital role in immunity.

View our Inflammasome brochure and poster for more information, or contact us to request your complimentary copy.

Metabolism - Mar 2019

Uptake Assay Kits: measuring Nature’s rates of life

The measurement and quantitation of metabolite uptake processes, such as glucose or fatty acids is crucial in establishing the initiation of cancer and diabetes respectively. Therefore, high-throughput uptake assays offer outstanding advantages in order to compare multiple cell lines, treatment and/or microenvironmental conditions. BioVision offers a comprehensive series of Uptake Assay Kits measuring glucose, fatty acid or HDL uptake in cultured cells in real-time. Our assays are non-radioactive, highly sensitive, reproducible, and HTS adaptable for screening of these molecule uptake-modulating test/treatment conditions.

Cell Culture - Mar 2019

Renal System Product Highlights

Caltag Medsystems offer a range of renal cells, tissue, DNA and RNA, isolated from human, mouse and rat for your research studies. In addition to renal biological samples, we also offer a wide range of assay kits, antibodies, and recombinant proteins for key kidney disease biomarkers, such as NGAL, KIM-1, L-FABP and IL-18.

If you can’t find the product that you are looking for, please contact us. We offer a product sourcing capability and a tissue procurement service.


ELISA - Mar 2019

Reduce Pipetting Mistakes with EASYview ELISAs

The Diaclone ELISA kits now contain the EASYview coloured reagents! Designed as a visual aid to facilitate the pipetting and filling of Diaclone ELISA plates, EASYview:
Improves well visualisation
Helps to avoid pipetting mistakes
Has no impact on assay performance
Significant validation has been performed to ensure that there is no impact on assay performance and the excellence of the results obtained with the Diaclone ELISA kits. Learn More...

Newsletter - Feb 2019

Drug Discovery Solutions: CTC Isolation Devices, Hepatic Cell Line, Stabilise Circulating Tumour Cells, Cell Expansion Service and More

Welcome to the Caltag Medsystems Drug Discovery Product Highlights. Be sure to check out our brainteaser at the end of the newsletter. 
1.Gain Greater Control of your Cell Research with StemBioSys
2.Silensomes: Quantifying the Contribution of CYP Enzymes in Drug Metabolism
3.HepaRG: Hepatic Cell line
4.Liquid Biopsy: CTC Isolation Devices
5.Alzheimers, Multiple Sclerosis, Depression, Schizophrenia and more
6.Stabilise Circulating Tumour Cells with TransFix for High-Resolution Image Flow Cytometry
7.Cell Expansion Service
8.Do you Require Human Tissue Samples for Research?
9.Brain Teaser: Four Sisters


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