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Welcome to Paragon Genomics - distributed in the UK and Ireland by Caltag Medsystems

Paragon Genomics, headquartered in South San Francisco, develops technology to improve and streamline Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) targeted library preparation through a proprietary background removal solution.

This is key to knowing what constitutes a good targeted NGS library. Read this white paper to learn which technology should be used to make a NGS library.

CleanPlex™ technology was developed by a team of veterans, from leading institutions, who have expertise in genomic research and bioinformatics. This technology alleviates NGS workflow bottlenecks and improves accuracy and speed of sequencing by removing non-specific PCR products during multiplex reactions. This results in the generation of more relevant data, higher on-target rates and greater uniformity, not to mention money and time savings. As a result of the high specificity of library synthesis ultra-low sample input (100 pg to 10 ng) is enabled.

Paragon Genomics provides a custom panel design service offering the highest amplicon coverage in history. They provide a fast, expert custom panel design in less than 2 weeks designed by their experienced PhD level bioinformaticians and scientists. The custom service is able to multiplex up to 20,000 amplicons in a single tube.

CleanPlex™ technology provides >98% uniformity and >97% specificity which is paramount to many fast-growing NGS segments such as cancer research, liquid biopsy, biomarker discovery, personalised medicine, non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT), companion diagnostics, immunotherapy monitoring, genomics-guided breeding, systematic and phylogenetic mapping.

Several key product areas offered by Paragon Genomics are highlighted below:

CleanPlex™ Technology

CleanPlex™ 2.5-hr Multiplex PCR Target Enrichment Workflow for Illumina NGS Platforms

CleanPlex(tm) 2.5-hr Multiplex PCR Target Enrichment Workflow for Illumina NGS Platforms

Hybrid-capture versus Multiplex PCR

Multiplex PCR-based targeted sequencing requires no DNA fragmentation, no ligation or end repair, no overnight hybridization and no expensive equipment.

Target Enrichment Library Kits

CleanPlex™ Targeted Library Kit and CleanPlex™ custom panels are used together to amplify target regions of DNA using multiplex PCR for Next-Generation Sequencing (amplicon sequencing) target enrichment and library preparation on Illumina Sequencers.

Product Features:

  • Easy integration with liquid handlers and automation devices for high-throughput NGS labs. 2.5-hour and 3-step target enrichment workflow with only 30-minute hands-on time from purified DNA to sequencing-ready library.
  • Save time, labour, reagents, and the expense of capital equipment.
  • No DNA fragmentation, No overnight hybridisation, No microfluidic device, No ligation, No end repair anymore!
  • Save your precious samples. Only 100 pg of input DNA is needed for germline genotype calling and 10 ng for somatic mutation calling with an LOD of 1%.
  • Accurate variant calling. High uniformity and on-target rate lead to highly sensitive and specific NGS variant calls.
  • Highly scalable multiplex PCR accommodates your expanding panel needs. 7 - 4,000 PCR reactions per tube plus pooling strategy can meet the needs of most applications.
  • Enable new applications. Able to amplify difficult or high GC genomic regions such as TERT promoter (involved in many types of human cancers) - this is included the CleanPlex™ OncoZoom Cancer Panel, a 65-gene cancer hotspot panel.
  • Save oligo synthesis cost. No chemical modification of primers lowers your oligo synthesis costs by 4-10 fold.

Ready to Use Panels

Ready to use CleanPlex™ panels are available for BRCA1 & BRCA2, OncoZoom, and TP53. The panel kits contain primers, multiplex PCR reagent, digestion reagent and other reagent components necessary for constructing amplicon libraries for Next-Generation Sequencing on Illumina Sequencers.

Product Features:

  • 100% coverage of BRCA1, BRCA2, and TP53 with superior uniformity
  • Simplified workflow - library preparation in 2.5 hours with 30 minutes hands on time
  • Process difficult samples with as little as 200pg of input DNA

Custom Panels

Paragon Genomics offers a Custom Panel Design Service in 3 easy steps:

  1. Submit Design
  2. Consultation
  3. Design Review

Product Features:

  • 2 weeks - Paragon Genomics provides expert custom panel design fast
  • 20,000 amplicons in a single tube - Our team of experienced PhD level bioinformaticians and scientists work collaboratively to design robust panels
  • 100% support - Customer care is our utmost priority. We provide from consultation to post purchase support

Contact us now to learn more about custom panels available from Paragon Genomics

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