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Investigating Intracellular Localisation and Cytotoxicity Trends for Neutral and Cationic Iridium Tetrazolato Complexes in Live Cells: C. Caporale, et al.; Chemistry 23, 15666 (2017)
Mitochondrial imaging in live or fixed tissues using a luminescent iridium complex: A. Sorvina, et al.; Sci. Rep. 8, 8191 (2018)
The mitochondrial marker IraZolve-Mito™ is a specialized live cell imaging agent with rapid cell uptake for mitochondria. IraZolve-Mito™ can be used for effective staining and rapid imaging of mitochondria in live and fixed tissues. IraZolve-Mito™ localizes to mitochondria in live cells and tissue. It is also suitable for the detection of mitochondria in fixed and frozen tissue samples. This cell permeable stain allows mitochondrial detection in tissue samples in one step with no requirement for tissue permeabilization or even sectioning. This agent is suitable for a range of fluorescence applications including imaging by confocal microscopy and multi photon microscopy. Cell penetration and localization of IraZolve-Mito™ has been confirmed in prostate cells, cardiomyocytes and cancer cell lines. Mitochondrial localization has been shown in live tissues, including live adipose tissue and muscle tissue and in paraformaldehyde and cryo-fixed sheep skeletal muscle, cardiac muscle and adipose tissue. Key Attributes: Simple and quick application Suitable for live cell imaging Suitable for live and fixed tissues Low cytotoxicity Highly resistant to photobleaching Large stoke shift (Ex/Em 405nm / 600nm) Compatible with other fluorescent dyes Ideal for epi-fluorescence, confocal and multiphoton imaging Stable at 4°C
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