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Ubiquitination & Sumoylation

Ubiquitination is the process by which ubiquitin is attached to a substrate protein after it has been made. It has been known to affect proteins by altering cellular location, impacting protein activity, and adjusting protein-protein interactions. Research shows that sumoylation (SUMO conjugation) regulates protein-protein interactions and subcellular targeting and is involved in numerous processes such as nuclear-cytosolic transport, apoptosis, transcriptional regulation, response to stress, protein stability, and progression through the cell cycle. Ubiquitination antibodies and sumoylation antibodies are a useful tool to researchers investigating the control mechanisms associated with numerous nuclear proteins.

Sumoylation assay kits allow the detection of in vivo protein SUMOylation which would provide useful information for understanding the SUMO modification that emerges as an important control mechanism for regulating the activity of many nuclear proteins.