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Our Cell Culture portfolio ranges from primary cells, stem cells, cell lines and media to skin, 3D scaffolds, healthy & diseased products, angiogenesis models and transfection reagents. We also have access to fresh and cryopreserved hepatocytes, cell fractions & lysates and human tissue. We've tried to make our product range as comprehensive as possible, but please let us know if you are having trouble sourcing a product or human/animal tissue and we will help you to find it.

Caltag Medsystems aims to provide a high quality sales, support and supply service for all our customers. We have dedicated in house scientists to assist with the technical support of our products. If you have any suggestions, problems or complaints regarding our products or services please let us know. Your feedback is important to us.

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All Assay Diluents Sample Pack
Reagent (4X100 ml)
All Sample Diluents Sample Pack
Reagent (3X100 ml)
Prominin 2
Antibody (100 ug)
There are 3 products in this selection.

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