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Welcome to ReZolve Scientific - Distributed Exclusively in the UK & Ireland by Caltag Medsystems

ReZolve Scientific specialises in developing and manufacturing photostable cell imaging agents. Generating new knowledge by defining the mechanisms of disease and capturing important cellular processes are vital in cell- and microbiology. The photostability, low cytotoxicity and fast cellular uptake of ReZolve Scientific’s fluorophores allow imaging of energy storage, cell signalling, metabolic processes and membrane dynamics in real time.

Dyes Overview

Dyes Overview

Tips and tricks for best result with ReZolve products

ReZolve Scientific provides unique imaging solutions which will reduce your preparation time and extend your imaging time. These unique metal ion complex dyes exhibit high quantum yields, long-lived (millisecond) visible emission, are resistant to photobleaching, and have been developed to allow for live cell imaging. The advantage of this technology is that it overcomes the limitations of photobleaching, short (nanosecond) emissive lifetime, and the need for cell fixation. Other key attributes/advantages include:

  • Quick and simple to use
  • Compatible with live and fixed samples
  • Compatible with other dyes
  • Can be used for real time localization
  • Highly photostable, for longer imaging time
  • Stable at room temperature
  • Compatible with fluorescence and multiphoton microscopy
  • Detectable by X Ray Fluorescence, Raman or Infrared spectroscopy

Lipid Staining Dyes

ReZolve-L1 is a cell-permeant stain which has an affinity for polar lipids and can be used in a wide variety of live and fixed cells. This stain is an effective monitoring and tracer tool of cellular lipid content and intracellular lipid localisation and can be used to label lipid droplets and other high lipid-content compartments.

IraZolve-L1 is a cell-permeant stain that localises with polar lipids and can be used in a wide variety of live and fixed cells. It provides excellent and rapid lipid staining, labels intracellular lipid droplets and the endoplasmic reticulum in cultured cells, perfect for visualising lipid-rich compartments. Similar to ReZolve-L1, the red emitting IraZolve-L1 has an affinity for lipids which allows you to monitor changes in cellular lipid localized with lipid droplets and the endoplasmic reticulum.

Dyes Overview
Dyes Overview

Endoplasmatic Reticulum Staining Dyes

ReZolve-ER is a live cell imaging agent with rapid cell uptake for imaging the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) in a wide variety of live and fixed cells. This fluorophore is ideal for intermittent or long-term monitoring of the endoplasmic reticulum with quick cellular uptake, low cytotoxicity and high photostability to increase image acquisition time.

IraZolve-ER Blue localises to the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) in live and fixed cells. It is highly cell-permeable, producing quick and reliable cell staining with low cytotoxicity and great photostability, making it ideal for time resolved imaging. IraZolve-ER Blue is suited to fixed cell applications, including for use with antibody staining, allowing the detailed visualisation of the endoplasmic reticular structure in relation to your protein of interest.

Dyes Overview
Dyes Overview

Unique Fluorescent Tag - IraZolve-Mito

IraZolve-Mito is a specialised live cell imaging agent with rapid cell uptake for mitochondria. IraZolve-Mito can be used for effective staining and rapid imaging of mitochondria in live and fixed tissues. This cell permeable stain allows mitochondrial detection in tissue samples in one step with no requirement for tissue permeabilization or even sectioning.

Product Name Product Code Excitation/Emission (nm)
IraZolve-Mito REZ-1101024 405 / 600nm

Unique Fluorescent Tag - IraZolve-Alkyne

ReZolve-Alkyne is a cell permeable luminescent alkyne probe which is ideal for conjugation to a range of targets by copper facilitated ‘click’ reactions. This luminescent tag offers a large Stokes shift (Ex/Em 405/570nm) ideal for fluorescent detection by both microscopy and flow cytometry. This product is also suited to multiphoton microscopy. ReZolve-Alkyne tags are highly resistant to photobleaching, allowing more time for image acquisition.

Product Name PID Excitation/Emission (nm)
ReZolve-Alkyne REZ-1101025 405 / 570nm

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