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You are competitive and offer good product range and quantity
Dr Angela Sheerin, University of Brighton
The response to my customer service question came back very quickly and gave all the information I needed.
Elliot Jokl, University of Manchester
Caltag has a range of primary cells, and a inventory that I was allowed to access to choose the sample best suited to my experimental needs. This is invaluable. Again customer service were prompt in replying to all my queries with detailed answers where possible. Again this is very valuable to my research.
Dr Mona Shehata, Cambrdige University
Good customer service, for orders and quotes. Good delivery times
Catarina Pratas, UEA
We had a problem with a data sheet which appeared to state the wrong number of cells. This came from you supplier shipped direct to us (since Caltag was responding to an emergency order from us). Caltag responded immediately,were always in contact with us and resolved the issue very quickly. Would recommend without hesitation.