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  • "Hannah was a brilliant help and made the entire ordering process very straightforward and headache free."
    David Walsh, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, March 2016
  • "The delivery was well coordinated, customer support was highly effective and quick making. The whole ordering process want smoothly and did not cause extra work or time wasting. The customer support was also very useful, clear and concise. The additional items included in the delivery (aside from the reagent ordered) was a pleasant add on to the experience. I have already recommended Caltag Medsystems for the above stated reasons as a company to be trusted and one that is pleasant to deal with."
    Will Trim, University of Bath, March 2016
  • "Excellent customer service from Caltag, very prompt response to emails and helpful and friendly staff on the phone. I have recommended the skin alert service to another colleague - this is an excellent service and a great way to plan skin experiments with lots of reliable opportunities to obtain skin (this is much better than other companies we have used). "
    Liz Hickford, March 2016
  • "The staff were exceptional, they were prompt, kind and very efficient. Best customer service I have received from any scientific research supplier. Compared to other companies Caltag Medsystems are much more efficient, more customer facing and incredibly helpful"
    Anon., April 2016
  • "Couldn't be faulted. Quick, helpful, accurate."
    James Clarke, WT-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, May 2016
  • "I have been gathering quotes from other companies and have found that CaltagMedsystems have been so easy and great to deal with; you are also very competitively priced, especially for the bone-marrow samples"
    Rachael Hewitt, BioReliance, May 2016
  • "Caltag Medsystems have specialised reagents that I cannot find elsewhere easily."
    Fabian Junker, May 2016
  • "I interacted with Hannah to source human skin samples. She was very efficient at sending me the latest inventory, forwarding on the C of As and then reserving items for me when I knew what I wanted. It was also good to have updates on how the order process was progressing, especially as we have convoluted internal systems that orders frequently get lost in, so to have confirmation that the order had reached its destination was very useful! Also notification of dispatch and delivery is very helpful, as we are on a big site and sometimes things go astray between our Distribution Centre and the end user."
    Anon., June 2016
  • "Finding product details has been significantly easier using the Caltag Medsystems catalog and custom requests were well received also. The customer service has been great; replies were timely and contained all relevant information to my requests!"
    Anon., June 2016
  • "We are very pleased with the quality of the skin and the service received."
    Anon., July 2016
  • "I sent e-mail to the customer service and immediately got reply from them. That was very kind and clear information. I told many people how excellent are your products (Pol II antibodies). I have also recommended and highlighted the products in my papers (Schlakow, Nojima et al., Mol Cell, in press; Nojima et al., Nature Protocols, 2016; Nojima et al., Cell 2015)."
    Takayuki Nojima, University of Oxford, December
  • "Product did not get to my lab at the institute but when I contacted Caltag they replied immediately with details of it's delivery so that I was able to track it down.I have recommended Caltag Medsystems to many people! "
    Anon., November
  • "Great customer service, deliveries made on the estimated date given, great freebies and quizzies."
    Christina Hayward, University of Manchester, October
  • "Customer service has been second to none. Any time that I have email I've had timely friendly emails. I've never had a problem, but I'd like to feel that if I did, Caltag would have it sorted quickly. Aside from the products you stock, I always encourage other members of staff to have a go at the brain teasers, mainly to watch them squirm!"
    Michelle Campbell, University of Leeds, March 2017
  • "Hannah Hills, Senior Product Manager and Camilla Atkinson, Sales and Logistics Administrator were especially patient, helpful and curtious when dealing with us."
    University of Oxford, August 2017
  • "Good, quick, appropriate responses to queries. Better than many other suppliers"
    Anon., July 2017
  • "Hannah Hills has provided me with a quotation rapidly and provided me supports throughout the whole order process. She kept me updated with the order status and the tracking order when the item has been shipped.It is a thing that other vendors dont do automatically. Much appreciated!"
    University of Birmingham, June 2017
  • "Very satisfied - customer service always friendly, professional and helpful. They always provide the time to help and understand the problem and are prepared to go the extra mile! :)"
    University of Manchester, June 2017