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Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP) Activity Assay Kit Video

This video demonstrates how to perform a colorimetric Alkaline Phosphatase activity assay in biological samples using a simple, highly sensitive, add-incubate-read protocol. The results are quantitative and reproducible.

Glucose Assay Kit Protocol (Colorimetric) Video

This BioVision Video features our Glucose Assay Kit (K606-100) : High-Throughput Suitable Assay to Measure Glucose in a variety of biological samples such as serum, plasma & other body fluids, food, growth media, fermentation, glucose feeding in protein expression processes etc. Rapid, Simple & Sensitive. Detection Range: 1-10000 μM. 100 Assays.

Glucose Assay Kit Protocol (Fluorometric) Video

This BioVision Video features our Glucose Assay Kit (K606-100): High-Throughput Suitable Assay to Measure Glucose in a variety of biological samples such as serum, plasma & other body fluids, food, growth media, fermentation, glucose feeding in protein expression processes etc. Rapid, Simple & Sensitive. Detection Range: 1-10000 μM. 100 Assays.

PicoProbe™ Free Glycerol Fluorometric Assay Kit Video

This BioVision Video features our PicoProbe™ Free Glycerol Fluorometric Assay Kit (K643-100): The most sensitive kit on the market to measure free glycerol. Rapidly measures free glycerol in tissues, adherent & suspension cells as well as in biological fluids such as serum, plasma etc. Detection limit: less than 40 pmol. 100 Assays.

Urea Colorimetric Assay Kit Video

This BioVision Video features our newest Urea Colorimetric Assay Kit (K376-100) being used to measure Urea in human urine sample. This kit is fast, sensitive & easy to use.


NCI - Moving Forward: The Critical Importance of High-Quality Biospecimens in Cancer Research

Hear what important cancer community stakeholders from the patient, oncology, research and drug development communities have to say about the critical importance of high-quality biospecimens and biorepositories for cancer research and patient care.

Cell Culture

Thawing and Plating Cryopreserved Cells

A tutorial on how to properly thaw and plate cryopreserved cells from ZenBio

Cell Proliferation

Cell Proliferation Assay Kit Video

This video demonstrates the step-wise process of measuring cell proliferation in response to growth factors/cytokines/mitogens or nutrients. BioVision's assay is faster, more stable, and more sensitive than MTT, XTT, MTS based assays.

Flow Cytometry

How Flow Cytometry Can Help Advance Your Research

This webinar provides an introduction to flow cytometry, a technique that uses fluorescently conjugated antibodies and dyes to identify characteristics in heterogeneous populations of cells. In addition we will present case studies on how flow cytometry can be used in drug discovery.

Embrace Next Generation Flow: Infinicyt V2.0

Infinicyt™ is the most advanced software for data integration and multidimensional analysis of flow cytometry files. Version 2.0 offers a wide range of tools that have been developed to give new solutions when analysing flow cytometry data, including direct access to Euroflow™ reference databases. For more information, visit http://www.infinicyt.com/ Distributed in the United Kingdom and Ireland by Caltag Medsystems Ltd.

Infinicyt - A LOT Compass Classification

Provides an orientation on the cell lineage by comparing the study sample with abnormal references helping users to reach reproducible and objective decisions. The software can connect to the ALOT EuroFlow™ database.

Infinicyt - Analysis Strategy and Reference Image

The Reference Image is a useful tool whereby images and statistics from a specific condition can be stored and later loaded for comparison with a future case study.

Infinicyt - Automatic Population Separator: APS

The APS diagram, based on PCA algorithms, maximizes antibody panel potential by automatically separating out cell clusters based on their immunophenotype. The APS considers all parameters for the best separation possible providing parameter significance information for this segregation.

Infinicyt - Calculate Data

The Calculate Data feature allows the calculation of parameters not actually measured for individual events in every tube. This specially designed algorithm uses common marker expression within phenotypically similar cells from different tubes of an antibody panel to extrapolate non-measured parameter data.

Infinicyt - Clustering

The Clustering tool automatically connects and relates all events of a sample and divides them into groups (clusters) according to their relative distance in the multidimensional space.

Infinicyt - Export Files

Export statistics from multiple .cyt files as long as they have been analyzed using the same profile and parameters.

Infinicyt - File Merge

Infinicyt™ allows combining several files into one file to perform global analysis and straightforward data interpretation.

Infinicyt - Maturation

The Maturation tool is especially designed for the study of variations in expression of different markers within different cell stages and their comparison with established normal patterns.

Infinicyt - MM-MRD: Automated Gating and Identification

Provides the identification of all cell populations of raw files acquired using the EuroFlow™ standardized protocols for sample preparation, antibody panel and instrument setup. The software also assigns automatically the events to cell populations according to their similarity with the database allowing for a faster identification of abnormal cells. The software can connect to the MM MRD and PID EuroFlow™ databases

Infinicyt - Offline Compensation

The user can perform an automatic (offline) compensation using compensation controls including unstained sample.

Infinicyt - Profile Configuration

Infinicyt - Report

The result of the connection to EuroFlow™ databases with Automated Gating and Identification tool is a personalized report with alerts, comments and conclusions relevant to each analysis

Infinicyt - Statistics

Statistics can be configured and exported in csv format, compatible with most statistical software packages.

HIT Alert Kit

A complete kit for the Reliable Diagnosis of Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia


MHC Tetramers

MBL has incorporated the patented mutation of the a3 domain in their HLA class I Tetramers and is the only manufacturer of MHC multimers with this technology to enhance specificity for the antigen-specific T cell receptor.

Smart-IP: Tag antibodies conjugated to magnetic beads for immunoprecipitation

MBL International Corporation offers a line of highly specific antibodies conjugated to magnetic beads. This method is an advantage over conventional immunoprecipitation of tagged proteins because it eliminates time consuming centrifugation steps. The magnetic beads are covalently bound to a Tag antibody and the beads are easily isolated using a magnetic rack.

Lab Skills

Antibody Purification Video

This video shows you the steps for purifying a specific antibody from serum using BioVision’s high binding Protein A/Protein G-Sepharose beads. The purified antibody can then be used for Western Blotting, Immunoprecipitation and many other applications.

Cell Cryopreservation Video

This BioVision Video demonstrates how to Trypsinize, count and freeze adherent mammalian cells for future use. These cryopreserved cells can be maintained in Liquid Nitrogen and thawed as needed.

Cell Splitting Video

This short video will take you through the steps (Trypsinization, counting and calculations) involved in passaging confluent adherent mammalian cells for future experiments or for maintenance of cell lines using Good Lab Practices and sterile technique.

Dialysis Video

Watch this video demonstration showing you how to remove small molecules (salts, surfactants, solvents, detergents) from any sample by Dialysis using BioVision’s DiaEasy™ Dialyzer line of products.

Protein Quantitation Video

Assays to determine protein concentration in a sample are many and the choices can become confusing. This video includes a guide to help you choose the right assay based on sample characteristics and a step-wise protocol for a colorimetric (OD 562 nm) detergent-compatible BCA assay with sample dilution guidelines.

Tissue Homogenization Video

This video demonstrates how to prepare a homogenate from animal tissue using a Dounce homogenizer. The tissue homogenate can then be used for many different downstream applications like western blotting, enzyme assays etc. Similar technique may also be applied to cells for preparation of cell lysates.


Cell Culture (Attached Cell)

Cell culture is the process by which cells are grown under controlled conditions. This video show you how to culture attached cells from cell thrawing, maintain, to cell freezing.

Competitive ELISA

In competitive ELISA, unlabeled antibody is incubated in the presence of its antigen. Then these bound antibody/antigen complexes are then added to an antigen coated well. After washing, unbound antibodies are removed. The more analytes in the sample, the less antibodies will be able to bind to antigens in the well. The signal is then detected using labeled secondary antibodies and the decrease in signal is compared to a control. The major advantage of a competitive ELISA is the ability to use crude or impure samples and still selectively bind any antigen that may be present.


Immunofluorescence is a technique to visualize a specific protein or antigen in cells or tissue sections by binding a specific antibody chemically conjugated with a fluorescent dye. We use the indirect immunofluorescence staining to perform cells fixed on slides and examine under a fluorescence microscope.


Immunohistochemistry is a method of detecting the presence of specific proteins in cells or tissues. It is widely used in basic research to understand the distribution and localization of biomarkers and differentially expressed proteins in different parts of a biological tissue.

Indirect ELISA

The indirect ELISA is used primarily to determine the strength and/or amount of antibody response in a sample. In the assay, the antigen of interested is immobilized by direct adsorption to the assay plate. Detection of the antigen can then be performed by using a matched set of primary antibody and conjugated secondary antibodies.

Polymerase Chain Reaction

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is a technique to amplify few copies of a piece of DNA across several orders of magnitude, generating thousands to millions of copies of a particular DNA sequence. There are three major steps (Denaturation, Annealing and Extension) in a PCR and repeat for 30 or 40 cycles

Real-time PCR

Real-time PCR, also called quantitative real time PCR (Q-PCR/qPCR), is used to amplify and simultaneously quantify a targeted DNA molecule. It enables both detection and quantification (as absolute number of copies or relative amount when normalized to DNA input or additional normalizing genes) of one or more specific sequences in a DNA sample.

Reverse Transcription PCR

Reverse transcription PCR includes two steps. The first step is reverse transcription, in which RNA is reverse transcribed to its DNA complement (complementary DNA, or cDNA) using reverse transcriptase and primers. The second step is amplification using traditional or real-time PCR.

Western Blot

Western Blotting is an analytical technique used to detect specific proteins in a given sample. It uses gel electrophoresis to separate native or denatured proteins by the length of the polypeptide. The proteins are then transferred to a membrane where they are detected using antibodies specific to the target protein.

H&E Staining

H&E stain is a popular staining method in histology. It's a combination of two dyes: the basic dye (hematoxylin) and the alcohol-based dye (eosin). In an H&E stain you'll usually see both eosinophilia and basophilia: the nuclei of cells basophilic (blue), while eosinophilia is typical of cytoplasmic constituents (pink).

RIP-Chip Assay

Educational video for the RIP-Chip assay technology for microRNA. Identify miRNAs bound to their mRNA targets.

Primary Cells

Chicken Myocyte Primary Culture

Primary culture of chick embryo myocyte culture can be used for the detection and assessment of drug responses on cardiomyocyte.

Product How To...

Operating Steps for Cloud-Clone ELISA Kits

Information on the storage and use of ELISA Kits, provided by Cloud-Clone Corp. - distributed in the UK by Caltag Medsystems.

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