Cell Generation - Human peripheral blood mononuclear cells and isolated immune cell subpopulations

Cell Generation

Distributed by Caltag Medsystems

If you work in fields such as immunology, cell & gene therapy, and immunotherapy, chances are you need a reliable source of high-quality human peripheral blood mononuclear cells as starting materials for research or clinical applications.

Cell Generation provides human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs/PBMNCs), mobilised PBMCS, and isolated PBMC subpopulations such as CD3 Pan T cells, CD4 helper T cells, CD8 cytotoxic T cells, CD19 B cells, CD56 Natural Killer (NK) Cells, and CD14 monocytes.

What's more, Caltag Medsystems handles shipping and customs clearance, so you don't have to worry about products getting ruined by delays.

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Choose from a wide range of PBMC donor characteristics and vial sizes with Cell Generation

For your unique research requirements, Cell Generation can provide PBMCs from an ethnically wide range of donors withspecific demographics, as per your request.

Reach out to our team today with the requirements for your experiment, and we can help source the PBMCs you need, including requests for:

  • Various vial sizes in stock or custom aliquots, to get the right number of cells
  • Specific HLA typing, Class I and Class II alleles
  • Specific demographics, such as sex, age and ethnicity
  • Specific health categories like BMI and smoking status
  • Specific disease states

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Cell Generation's reliably pure isolated PBMC subpopulations

To help you easily get a required cell number and viability of a certain immune cell subpopulation, Cell Generation provides PBMC subpopulations separated by positive immunomagnetic beads (negative selection also available on request). Cells are provided cryopreserved, with purity over 90%, available in multiple vial sizes:

Cell Generation's ethically sourced and extensively screened PBMCs

Cell Generation relies on an extensive, ethnically diverse network of healthy donors for their human PBMCs and leukopaks. These donors are thoroughly screened to ensure they are negative for a comprehensive suite of infectious diseases, and a medical doctor determines their eligibility to donate. A detailed Certificate of Analysis (COA) is provided for each collection, to bring the most comprehensive data set for any research application.

Cell Generation maintains a strong commitment to ensuring the ethical collection and use of all donor samples. Cells are sourced from consenting volunteer donors using Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved consent practices. Donors sign a consent form before taking part in the donation program, and industry best practice confidentiality measures are in place to ensure the privacy of all donors.

Quality control at the heart of Cell Generation - high viability and reproducibly manufactured under GMP guidelines

The team at Cell Generation take every precaution to ensure that scientists receive viable and high-quality PBMCs in every order. Cryopreserved cells maintain an average of over 90% viability and recovery when thawed.

  • All processes, from donor screening to cryopreservation, follow current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines to ensure donor safety and product high standard reproducibility
  • All lots undergo routine sampling and testing to guarantee stringent quality standards are met
  • These samples undergo a full suite of testing for infectious diseases, fungi, mycoplasma, and more
  • Additional methods for determining cell count to ensure accuracy are used
  • A Certificate of Analysis (CoA) accompanies every shipment, showing the results of the extensive quality testing

The process of PBMC separation followed by Cell Generation

At Cell Generation, PBMCs are collected using leukapheresis separation.

  1. The process begins with donor screening including eligibility for blood donation before the apheresis procedure.
  2. Once the donor passes all relevant tests, a medical doctor reviews their results and grants them eligibility to proceed with the apheresis procedure.
  3. Cell Generation's unique apheresis technique results in highly purified mononuclear cells which can be cryopreserved and sold as PBMCs or are used as starting material for Cell Generation's isolated immune cell subpopulations.
  4. From these concentrated samples, the team isolates the PBMC subpopulation (CD3 Pan T cells, CD4 helper T cells, CD56 Natural Killer (NK) Cells, CD14 monocytes and CD8 cytotoxic T cells), using immunomagnetic beads.
  5. The isolated purified cells are cryopreserved and tested through flow cytometry to determine purity and product quality.

These procedures are carried out in carefully sterilised environments, under thorough Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for quality control and reproducibility.

Cell Generation's cryopreservation techniques

To ensure preservation while maintaining high viability and recovery, Cell Generation utilises the latest cryopreservation methodology and techniques. Their cryopreservation protocols deliver high-quality products while preventing contamination.

These techniques gradually reduce the temperature of the PBMCs below -135°C to allow for perfect preservation with average recovery and viability over 90%. All cryopreserved products are supplied with relevant documentation and thawing instructions.

PBMC applications - in-vitro and ex-vivo

Cell Generation PBMCs are suitable for all in-vitro immunoassays, including those for ADCC, ELISPOT, and mixed lymphocyte reactions.

The cells also meet the requirements for ex-vivo uses, including retroviral infection for the production of genetically modified cells and characterising cell populations.

  • Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T, and CAR-NK applications
  • Characterising PBMC Subpopulations; T, B, NK, Dendritic cells, Monocytes
  • Drug development
  • Cell therapy tissue engineering
  • Assay validation
  • T cell research
  • Mixed lymphocyte reaction assays
  • Cytotoxicity research
  • General immunology applications
    • Caltag Medsystems are the Cell Generation distributor for the United Kingdom and Ireland. For any questions, please contact us.


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