Cytognos Sample Size Flow Cytometry Antibodies Available...

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Renal Cell System

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10% off all Human Protein Microarray Validated Antibodies

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Adipogen Antibiotics, Natural Products and Mycotoxins Special Offer

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Afamin/Wnt3a Culture Media

MBL international have developed serum free conditioned medium including Wnt3a-Afamin complex for intestinal organoid cell culture.

Marathon Challenge

Members of the Caltag Medsystems team took part in MK Marathon, take a look at how we got on.

Clinically Relevant Mesenchymal Stem Cell Populations for Research

MSCs isolated from patients with Osteoarthritis

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Cytomark Cellworks

Caltag Medsystems is a UK distributor of antibodies, enzymes, kits and related products for use in research applications and clinical diagnosis.