Elabscience ELISA has been highly commended to watch in 2019.

CiteAb Awards

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Renal Cell System

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MHC Tetramers and Monomers for high specificity immune monitoring.

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Cytognos Sample Size Flow Cytometry Antibodies Available...

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University of Oxford Mini Exhibition

Visit our booth at the BioEscalator department on The Old Road Campus.

Marathon Challenge

Members of the Caltag Medsystems team took part in MK Marathon, take a look at how we got on.

Clinically Relevant Mesenchymal Stem Cell Populations for Research

MSCs isolated from patients with Osteoarthritis

Our Brands
Cytomark Cellworks

Caltag Medsystems is a UK distributor of antibodies, enzymes, kits and related products for use in research applications and clinical diagnosis.