UK and Ireland Distributor of Innaxon - Innate Immunity to Life Through Immunoceuticals


The collaboration between Innaxon and AdipoGen International allows us to bring the Innaxon product range to our UK customers.

Caltag Medsystems is pleased to bring you access to the Innaxon products and services in the UK. Please contact for further information regarding their products.

The Experts for TLR agonists and antagonists

Innaxon develops and manufactures defined "Immunoceuticals" of the highest activity and purity for pre-clinical research and development applications for vaccine adjuvants and immuno-therapy. Our unique biological and synthetic Toll-like Receptor (TLR) ligands are well-characterized and effective biological response modifiers of inappropriate or disproportionate immune responses.

The TLR4/LPS Experts - Highest Quality

  • TLRpure™: Qualified Purity & Activity
  • High potency TLR4-specific ligands
  • Ultrapure (no detectable protein, RNA & DNA)
  • Tested on TLR4 KO murine macrophages
  • Standardized aqueous sterile solutions
  • Ready-to-use Lipid A and MPLA solutions
  • No purification or hazardous solubilization
  • BULK available for in vivo studies
  • Excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility
  • Broadest LPS chemotype and serotypeselection
  • Unique TLR4 Explorer Sets™
  • More than 40 years of experience in LPSpurification & characterisation

The ODN Experts - Competitive Prices

  • Endotoxin-free and sterile
  • Potent TLR9 ligands
  • Tested on TLR9 KO murine macrophages
  • BULK available for in vivo studies
  • ddWater Endotoxin-free (sterile) included
  • Unique TLR9 Explorer Sets™
  • Inhibitory ODNs (iODNs) available
  • Negative ODN Controls available

IAXO Compounds - Unique!

  • Novel small molecule CD14/TLR4 antagonists
  • Potent pre-clinical in vivo activity
  • Inactive control compounds available

Selected Products from Innaxon

Lipopolysaccharides (LPs)

  • LPs from E. coli o8:K27 (s-form) TLRpure™ sterile solution, Product Code: IAX-100-006
  • LPs from s. enteritidis (s-form) TLRpure™ sterile solution, Product Code: IAX-100-019
  • LPs from E. coli EH100 (Ra) TLRpure™ sterile solution, Product Code: IAX-100-010
  • LPs from s. minnesota R5 (Rc) TLRpure™ sterile solution, Product Code: IAX-100-017
  • Lipid A from E. coli R515 (Re) TLRpure™ sterile solution, Product Code: IAX-100-004

Endotoxin-free oligonucleotides (oDn)

  • oDn 1585 (Type A) Endotoxin-free (sterile) , Product Code: IAX-200-003
  • ioDn (inhibitory oDn) (ttaggg)4 Endotoxin-free (sterile), Product Code: IAX-200-051
  • Duo-ioDn (inhibitory oDn) Endotoxin-free (sterile), Product Code: IAX-200-055

Endotoxin-free immunoceuticals

  • Poly(i:C) Endotoxin-free (sterile), Product Code: IAX-200-021
  • Hyaluronic Acid oligosaccharides (<1.5kDa) Endotoxin-free sterile solution, Product Code: IAX-200-102

Explorer sets™

  • TLR4 Agonist (salmonella) Explorer set i TLRpure™ (s-LPs, R-LPs, MPLA), Product Code: IAX-300-001
  • ioDn (inhibitory oDn) Explorer set i Endotoxin-free, Product Code: IAX-300-005
  • TLR9 Agonist (human) Explorer set Endotoxin-free (Cpg oDn Type A, B and C), Product Code: IAX-300-007


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