CELLvo™ Matrix Plus 150 cm2 T- Flask

Product Code: AF-HPME-T150
Product Group: Cell Culture Plastics
Supplier: StemBioSys
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Regulatory Status: RUO
Application: Cell Culture


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Further Information

CELLvo™ Matrix Plus is an extension of the CELLvo™ Matrix line that is produced by human stem cells. This ECM has been shown to enhance the isolation, growth and differentiation of a variety of different cell types including induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). Consistent with all other CELLvo™ Matrix products, CELLvo™ Matrix Plus is easy to use requiring only a brief rehydration step prior to use. This cell culture substrate provides a native, young microenvironment which can be used as a more biologically relevant culture environment for your in vitro studies. CELLvo™ Matrix Plus is now available in coated 25 mm Coverslips. These may be used with 35 x 10 mm dishes or 6 well plates. Coverslips are sold in a single box containing 12 units. For Research Use Only. Not intended for for diagnostic or therapeutic applications.

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