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Signosis is a molecular tool company focusing on the development of innovative and unique products for biomarker discovery and analysis in life science research, clinic application and drug discovery.

The Signosis product portfolio currently includes miRNA arrays, miRNA northern blot assay kits, miRNA plate assays, phospho-antibodies, obesity ELISA kits, cancer ELISA kits and cardiac marker ELISA kits.

  • Cytokine Analysis  - Signosis provides a number of tools to profile single cytokines, or to monitor multiple cytokines simultaneously.
  • Transcription Factor Assays - a number of assays to facilitate the analysis of transcription factors are available. The TF Activation Profiling Plate Arrays and Promoter-Binding TF Profiling Array are for the analysis of multiple TFs, and TF Filter Plate Assays, EMSA Kits, Luciferase Reporter Vectors, Luciferase Stable Cell Lines, and TF Western Blot Detection Assay Kits can monitor individual TFs.
  • Cell Lines and Frozen Cells - A series of gene expression- or luciferase reporter-ready stable cell lines are available plus hundreds of transfected frozen cells. The cells can be re-cultured and treated with any stimuli for further study. The cells can be used for a variety of assays, such as luciferase reporter assay, ELISA, RT-PCR, western blotting, and Co-IP.
  • miRNA Research - A variety of innovative tools for the research of miRNAs including miRBNA arrays for profiling multiple miRNAs simultaneously or to monitor one specific miRNAs are available.
  • Gene Expression Analysis  - a number of assay products for gene expression studies are available including the cDNA Plate Arrays for monitoring the expression of genes that are up or down regulated by TFs, and the single cell PCR kits for analyzing gene expression, which allows direct analysis of cell lysates without RNA isolation prior assay.
  • Protein Interaction Analysis - Signosis provides a number of innovative tools for the research of protein-protein interactions, such as the signaling protein assays, and the Co-Immunoprecipitation kits.
  • Biomarker Analysis  - Signosis provides a variety of biomarkers for autoimmune, cardiac, and tumour diseases. With the tools, certain diseases can be detected more efficiently.
  • siRNA Plate Assay Kit
  • mRNA capture Plate Assays


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