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OZ Biosciences creates, develops and produces innovative molecular delivery systems specialising in transfection and transduction tools. They focus on delivery technologies of biomolecules such as DNA, RNA and protein for in vitro and in vivo applications.

Their mission is to provide cutting-edge transfection and transduction reagents to enable life sciences researchers to achieve outstanding success. The company has established a strong position in the field of molecular delivery system with several patents and know-how for Magnetofection™, Magneto-biolisitic, magnetic-assisted transduction, Polyfection, Lipofection and 3D transfection, technologies.


OZ Biosciences has developed comprehensive lines of products:

  1. Magnetofection™: a unique gene delivery method for in vitro and in vivo applications.
  2. Lipofection: proprietary biodegradable lipid-based transfection reagents.
  3. Transduction tools:for producing, concentrating, storing and enhancing virus efficiency.
  4. 3D transfection: allowing nucleic acid delivery directly into 3D matrix.
  5. Protein delivery systems: including antibody & based on biodegradable lipid nanoparticles.
  6. Cell specific reagents: For specific cells such as neurons and stem cells.
  7. Vaccine Adjuvants: Standard & novel adjuvants for antigenic & genetic immunization
  8. mRNAs for transfection: gene reporters, genome editing and vaccine control mRNAs.



Magnetofection™ is a simple and highly efficient transfection method to transfect primary cells and hard to transfect cells.

Magnetofection™ principle is to associate nucleic acids, transfection reagents or viruses with specific magnetic nanoparticles. The resulting molecular complexes are then concentrated and transported into cells supported by an appropriate magnetic field. In this way, the exploitation of a magnetic force exerted upon gene vectors allows a very rapid concentration of the entire applied vector dose on cells, so that 100% of the cells get in contact with a significant vector dose, and promotes cellular uptake.


Magnetofection™ is the only versatile and universal technology adapted to all types of nucleic acids (DNA, siRNA, dsRNA, shRNA, mRNA, ODN), non viral transfection systems (transfection reagents) and viruses. Consequently, several optimized reagents have been designed according to defined

  • LipoMag Transfection Kit: for all nucleic acids, association of CombiMag + DreamFect Gold reagents
  • MagnetoFectamine O2 Transfection Kit: for all nucleic acids, association of CombiMag + MTX reagent
  • PolyMag / PolyMag Neo transfecion reagents: for all nucleic acids transfection
  • NeuroMag Transfection reagent: for neurons transfection
  • Glial-Mag Transfection Kit: for glial cells transfection
  • CombiMag Transfection reagent: for enhancing all transfection reagents efficiency (see Magnetofectamine)
  • SilenceMag Transfection reagent: for siRNA applications
  • ViroMag Transduction reagent: for enhancing viral transduction efficiency
  • ViroMag R/L Transduction reagent: for Lentivirus and Retrovirus transduction
  • ViroMag Stem: Lentiviral Transduction Enhancer for stem cells
  • AdenoMag Transduction reagent: for Adenovirus and AAV transduction
  • Mag4C-LV / Mag4C-AD Kits: for capturing and concentrating Lentiviruses and Adenoviruses
  • FluoMag Transfection reagent: Fluorescent Magnetofection Reagents
  • SelfMag Transfection Kit : for creating your own magnetic delivery system



Lipofection is a lipid-based transfection technology which belongs to biochemical methods including also polymers, DEAE dextran and calcium phosphate.

Lipofection principle is to associate nucleic acids with cationic lipid formulation. The resulting molecular complexes, known as lipoplexes, are then taken up by the cells.


Transfection efficiency combined with high transgene expression level or high gene silencing and minimized cytotoxicity depends on multiple critical parameters. Those factors include cell type, plasmid DNA characteristics (size, promoter, reporter gene) & purity, siRNA sequence & purity, cell culture conditions (medium with or without serum, cell number, absence of contaminations), amount of nucleic acids and reagents, transgene assays to name a few. Consequently, transfection reagents need to be specifically designed according to the nucleic acids to be delivered (DNA, siRNA, mRNA, ODN, shRNA etc.) and the cell types used in order to achieve optimal efficiency. In this context, OZ Biosciences has developed several outstanding transfection reagents:

  • DreamFect™ Gold Transfection reagent: for all nucleic acids, achieving superior transgene expression level
  • DreamFect™ Transfection reagent: for all nucleic acids, for all cells including suspension cell lines
  • Lullaby™ Transfection reagent: for siRNA applications
  • VeroFect™ Transfection reagent: for Vero cells transfection
  • FlyFectin™ Transfection reagent: for insect cell transfection
  • EcoTransfect™ Transfection reagent: for popular cell lines and routine transfection at low cost
  • COSFect Transfection reagent : for COS cell transfection
  • HeLaFect Transfection reagent: for HeLa cell transfection
  • Ab-DeliverIN™ Transfection reagent: for intracellular antibody delivery
  • Pro-DeliverIN™ Transfection reagent: for intracellular protein delivery

Transduction Tools

Cell transduction represents a powerful tool to genetically modify a wide variety of cell lines and primary cells. OZ Biosciences has created a comprehensive line of transduction reagents dedicated to viral applications. They offer products whether you want to produce, capture and concentrate viruses or increase transductions efficiencies with Magnetofection or chemicals.


Transduction and Infection

All Viral Vectors: ViroMag and ViroMag CRISPR

Lentivirus / Retrovirus : ViroMag R/L and LentiBlast

Adenovirus: AdenoMag and AdenoBlast

Cell Sorting and Transduction: ViroMICST

Capture & Concentration

Lentivirus / Retrovirus : Mag4C-LV

Adenovirus: Mag4C-AD

Virus production

CaPo Transfection Kit

DreamFect Gold

Preservation & Storage

Mag4C Conservation Buffer

3D Transfection

3D Transfection 3D Transfection

Based on a new technology, the 3D transfection reagents allow to genetically modify cells directly cultured in 3D environment with high efficiency. 3D Transfection allows for a long term transgene expression (intracellular or secreted) or gene silencing.


Protein Delivery Systems

Delivery systems allowing the intracellular transport of functional exogenous proteins and antibodies represent a novel strategy for assessing the function of proteins or to elucidate new molecular mechanisms.

OZ Biosciences has created two powerful and serum-compatible formulations able to deliver proteins and antibodies inside a wide variety of living cell lines and primary cells.

  • Pro-DeliverIN™ is a lipidic formulation designed for intracellular protein delivery
  • Ab-DeliverIN™ is a lipidic formulation designed for intracellular antibody delivery

Cell Specific Reagents

Pick the transfection reagent that best fits your needs from our three complementary technologies: Magnetofection / Lipofection / Polyfection


DNA transfection reagents


Primary Cells :

Cell Specific:


Cell Lines :


3D transfection

Polymer-based Transfection

Broad Spectrum :

siRNA transfection reagents


Primary Cells :

Cell Specific :


Cell Lines :

3D transfection

mRNA / Viral RNA transfection reagents


Cell Lines :

Primary Cells:

Cell Specific:

Vaccine Adjuvants

VaxOZ adjuvants are perfect as gold standard references and for any immunization experiment, they can also be customized with your own immunostimulant.

In vivo grade manufactured and quality controlled, the VaxOZ adjuvants are intended for research purposes only.

mRNA Transfection

The use of mRNA over pDNA in transfection has several advantages

  • No need for nuclear uptake - protein expression directly in the cytoplasm.
  • Faster protein expression than DNA transfection.
  • No genomic integration.
  • Perfect for transfecting slowing or non-dividing cells.
  • Protein expression in a total promoter-independent manner.
  • Transient transfection: mRNA based expression of proteins sustains for a limited time.

Oz Biosciences offers three categories of mRNAs that mimic fully processed mature mRNAs:

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