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Block-Free ELISA Reagent

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50 ml
Antibody diluent
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Gel Pack
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Kit Component
Primary and secondary antibody diluent to eliminate blocking step in ELISA based immunoassay
Superior primary and secondary antibody diluent to eliminate blocking steps after ELISA plate coating procedure in ELISA based immunoassay
Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is widely used to measure the concentration of various analytes in biological samples. However this assay can be time consuming as it involves multiple steps including coating blocking antigen/antibody binding incubation as well as washing between each step. Among all procedures blocking step is very important to reduce non-specific binding and improve signal/noise (S/N) ratio. BioVision?s Block-Free ELISA Reagent is a superior primary and secondary antibody diluent eliminating the blocking step and saving time while ensuring low background. This reagent contains 1% BSA. For the customer who wants to avoid use of BSA the Protein free version (BV M4101) is recommended.
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£139.00 excluding VAT
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