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FGF2 (Recombinant Human) Growth Factor

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Recombinant Proteins
Future Fields
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Cell Culture
Room Temperature
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Further Information

Long Description:
Future Fields' Recombinant Human FGF2 is a serum-free sustainable growth factor ready to support your life-changing research in stem cells tissue engineering organoids and beyond. Produced with the EntoEngine™ in a bioreactor-free green-certified lab Future Fields' purified Recombinant Human FGF2 is demonstrated to be a high-performing bioactive replacement for commercially available FGF2.
  • SPR readout shows binding affinity constant of less than 1 nM on ligand-specific antibody and approx. 5 nM on the receptor confirming protein identity and functionality.
  • Cell proliferation studies on NIH-3T3 lines demonstrates FGF2 drives proliferation in cells in a dose-dependent manner (EC50 between 1-3 ng/ml) via the activation of MAPK/ERK pathways
  • Purity of over 95% verified by SDS-PAGE.
  • Quality and safety test results show the product is negative for mycoplasma contamination and below safety threshold (less than 1 EU/ug) for endotoxin.

Future Fields' Human FGF2 is the first growth factor in the world to earn an ACT Environmental Impact Factor Label.

Comes as lyophilized powder. Research use only.