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Angiogenesis Growth Medium Package Validated for use with the V2a™ Kit

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Angiogenesis Basal Medium, 500ml. Growth Supplement, 10ml. Antibiotic Supplement (Gentamycin/Amphotericin B) 1000x concentrated, 0.5ml.
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Cellworks Angiogenesis Basal Medium is a sterile HEPES and bicarbonate buffered medium containing essential and non-essential amino acids, organic compounds, inorganic salts, trace minerals and vitamins. No proteins, hormones, antibiotics or anti-fungal agents are present in the media.

When prepared with Cellworks Growth Supplement and Antibiotic Supplement, this medium is suitable for the culture of human endothelial cells and human dermal fibroblasts for tubule formation. This growth medium has been validated for use with the Cellworks V2a Kit. N.B. Cellworks recommends the use of Angiogenesis Seeding Medium (ZHM-1960) for the initial seeding of the cells.
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Price (Angiogenesis Basal Medium, 500ml. Growth Supplement, 10ml. Antibiotic Supplement (Gentamycin/Amphotericin B) 1000x concentrated, 0.5ml.):
£109.00 excluding VAT
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