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Upcoming Webinar on HepaRG Cells

Join Biopredic on June 27th at 10 - 11 am CET for their webinar with 2 insightful sessions revolving around 3D liver models & encapsulated HepaRG.


Up to 15% off Apoptosis Assay Kits

Get up to 15% off selected Elabscience Apoptosis Assay kits until 30th November 2024! Contact us with the promo code ‘EBC2024-A’ to redeem this offer.


Up to 15% off Cell Metabolism Detection Kits

Get up to 15% off selected Elabscience Cell Metabolism Detection kits until 30th Nov 2024! Contact us with promo code ‘EBC2024-A’ to redeem this offer.


#Wikimole Learn and Save on Popular Compounds

Get 5% off selected small molecules from TargetMol until 31st July 2024! Contact us with promo code 'WIKIMOLE' to redeem this offer.


VivoVist™ Free Sample!

Get a free sample of VivoVist, for a limited time only! Contact us with product code 'NP-1301-0.25ML' to redeem this offer.


10% off All Abnova's Probes

Get 10% off Abnova's range of Probes until 30th June 2024! Contact us with promo code '202405-06_Prom' to redeem this offer.


25% off Cryopreserved T Cells!

Get 25% off ZenBio's Cryopreserved T Cells until the end of the year! Contact us with promo code 'ZEN25TCELL' to redeem this offer.


Up to 50% off Cryopreserved PBMCs

Get 50% off ZenBio's Cryopreserved Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells until the end of the year! Contact us with promo code 'ZEN50PMBC' to redeem this.


Buy 3 Get 1 Free on ZenBio GroPro Collagen Coated Culture Ware!

Purchase 3 packs of ZenBio's GroPro Collagen Coated Culture ware and get 1 pack FREE! Contact us with product code ‘ZB3&1GROPRO’ to redeem this offer.


Up to 20% off the Top 200 Best-Selling ELISA Kits from Elabscience!

Get up to 20% off Elabscience’s top 200 best-selling ELISA kits for the whole year! Contact us with the promo code ‘Elab200-2024’ to redeem this offer.


Add £1 to your order to get a Cell Counting Kit-8!

Add a CCK-8 (1ml - 100 tests) for just £1 when you place an order for any TargetMol product! Contact us with product code ‘Tm02’ to redeem this offer.


In stock in the UK: Cell culture grade water, endotoxin free

Caltag Medsystems have UK stock of high quality, tissue culture/cell culture grade water from BioConcept: Sterile Endotoxin free (<0.01 ng/ml) Dou…


An Alternative Supply of Lonza Classical Cell Culture Media - BioConcept

Lonza have decided to discontinue their broad range of BioWhittaker™ classical media and buffers in Europe, effective January 2022. If you are…


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Leinco Technologies
Addex Bio
Caltag Medsystems Ltd.
Cell Generation
3D Bio-Tissues
iQ Biosciences
Abnova Corporation
Gelatex Technologies
Lifeline Cell Technology
Enogene Biotech
Biotech Support Group
BeCytes Biotechnologies
IQ Products
RevMab Biosciences
iXCells Biotechnologies
LeadGene Biomedical
ELK Biotechnology
South Bay Bio
Agarose Bead Technologies
Oz Biosciences
NSJ Bioreagents
CGT Global
Cloud-Clone Corp.
Nordic MuBio
Vitro Biopharma
AdipoGen Life Sciences
Krishgen Biosystems
Cell Systems
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Skin Cells

Biopredic International are able to provide a selection of skin cells, including Keratinocytes and Fibroblasts.


Fresh Human & Animal Hepatocytes

Biopredic International provides both human and animal hepatocytes, either plated or in suspension.


Atg12 Binding Cascade: Cross-talk Between Apoptosis and Autophagy

MBLI's autophagy reagents include important targets such as LC3, p62/SQSTM1, ATG12, ATG14, ATG16L, ATG9, ULK1, and more.


Why is the MHC monomer the ideal choice for your experimental design?

The MHC Monomer is a sub-component of an MHC Tetramer. Biotinylated Monomers are available for most associated Tetramer products.


Flexibility and Expansion with BV421 Tetramers

Adding another marker to a flow cytometry panel can present a challenge when trying to accommodate all markers of interest in one panel. However, there is a solution.


AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) Role in Cancer and Metabolic Diseases

MBL International’s AMPK kinase assay kit can be used to measure the activity of AMPK, a cellular energy sensor.


QuickSwitch™ Quant Analysis of SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccinations

MBL International provides QuickSwitch™ Tetramers for the Quant Analysis of SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccinations.


Apoptosis Assay Kits

Elabscience apoptosis assay kits are well-known products that provide simple operation processes and reliable experimental results for researchers.


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