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Custom MHC Tetramers: Directly Measure Antigen-Specific T Cells

MHC Tetramers provide the means to rapidly detect and enumerate antigen specific T cells directly from ex vivo (patient) (donor) samples without the need for cell stimulation.

MBL provide Class I Tetramers, Class II Tetramers, Monomers, and CD1d Tetramers as stock products. For customers wishing to purchase tetramers containing a specific peptide sequence that is not present in the current product portfolio, a custom Tetramer and Monomer service is available (Class I and Class II).

Advantages of MHC Tetramers:

  • Class I tetramers from MBL contain the unique proprietary mutation in the alpha-3 domain which reduces non-specific binding
  • Immune responses are targeted to the specific allele(s)
  • Tetramer staining is quantitative
  • Does not require the use of radioactive isotopes
  • Rapid : allowing fresh blood (or tissue-derived) sample to be analysed
  • Large numbers of samples can be processed using flow cytometer
  • Tetramer-labelled cells remain viable
  • All specific CTLs are detected
  • Tetramers can be customized for unique applications.

Benefits of Custom Tetramers:

Ordering a Custom Tetramer

All custom tetramers require a feasibility study (Product Code T05000) to be performed prior to tetramer production.

For MHC Class I tetramers an algorithm based predication is initially made. This calculates the affinity of the peptide sequence required by the customer, with the specific MHC Class I allele chosen. If the algorithm prediction indicates that successful tetramer production is likely then production of the monomer is undertaken. A HPLC run of the MHC class I/b2 microglobulin/peptide fold then allows determination of whether the peptide has been integrated in the MHC class I/b2 microglobulin complex. If successful then tetramer production occurs.

For MHC Class II tetramers, peptide screening is performed using a HPLC mini-load of peptide/MHC class II. This allows determination of whether the peptide is bound to the MHC class II complex or not. If bound, production of the loaded monomer is undertaken, followed by production of the tetramer.

MBL provide bespoke peptide

In this option, customers supply the sequence of the peptide for incorporation into the tetramer, and peptide manufacture is performed by MBL as part of the tetramer production run. This option includes a Peptide Acquisition Fee, (for manufacture of a MHC Class I tetramer). Product Code TBCM-Class1-PF.

Peptide Acquisition Fee, (for manufacture of a MHC Class II tetramer). Product Code TBCM-Class2-PF.

To order a custom tetramer in which MBL acquire the bespoke peptide, please compete the custom tetramer form.

Customer provides bespoke peptide

Here, customers supply the relevant peptide to MBL. There is no peptide acquisition fee for this option.

Please complete this form if you will be supplying the peptide yourself, in addition to the custom tetramer form.

Quickswitch™ Tetramer Kits

MBL also offer a new technology for customers to generate new tetramer specificities themselves, perfect for screening peptides before committing to a custom manufacture. Read more here.

If you require any further information regarding tetramers or the custom tetramer ordering process, please do not hesitate to contact techsupport@caltagmedsystems.co.uk or call +44 (0)1280 827460.

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