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Tissues and Organs

Caltag Medsystems have established agreements to procure most human tissue phenotypes and have access to a wide range of human tissues that are obtained via the gift of tissue and organ donation for research advancements in medical science. All donations are donated in line with the Caltag Medsystemsethical policy. The tissues are available as fresh or frozen with variable time frames between collection of the sample and delivery. We are also able to select samples with your specific donor inclusion/exclusion requirements such as age, sex, ethnicity, medical history, specific diseases etc. Each sample is provided with a Certificate of Analysis stating the serology and information about the donor.

The list below details tissues that have been previously sourced. Please do let us know if the tissue you require is not listed as we may still be able to source it.

Adrenal gland, aorta, areola, atria, atrioventricular valve, bile, blood, bone, bone marrow, brain, brainstem, breast, bronchi, bursa, cecum, cerebrospinal fluid, cervix, chime, colon, cornea, diaphragm, duodenum, epiglottis, oesophagus, eye, fat, faeces, femur, gall bladder, heart, heart valves, ileum, jejunum, kidney, large intestine, larynx, left atrium, left ventricle, liver, lumbar vertebra, lung, mandible, muscle, myocardium, nerve, ovaries, pancreas, pelvis, peritoneum, portal vein, prostate, pulmonary artery, pulmonary vein, radius, rib, right atrium, right ventricle, sacrum, scapula, sinuses, small intestine, spine, spleen, sternum, stomach, teeth, tendon, testes, thoracic vertebrae, tonsils, trachea, ulna, ureter, urethra, uterus, vein, vena cava inferior, vena cava superior, and others.

Contact Caltag Medsystems with your requirements and we can start the souring for you.

Please click here to view the Human Tissue Frequently Asked Questions.