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Genomic Sample Preparation

ProCipitate™ is a superior substitute to phenol/chloroform for DNA isolation & protein binding.

Whilst many DNA, RNA, and nucleic acid preparation products exist that serve the market well for most applications. Most of these products in some way utilise a bind/wash/elute strategy adopting surface reagents such as silica & metallic oxides and similar solid-phase chemistries. However, there still remain many situations when these products are not optimal. ProCipitate, a superior substitute to phenol/chloroform for DNA isolation & protein binding is ideal when "other kits don’t fit". The ProCipitate™ strategy is opposite to common prep strategies, as instead of binding nucleic acids, the protein is efficiently depleted with no interaction with the soluble nucleic acids. ProCipitate™ is offered in a variety of kits, providing all necessary buffers and accessories for different applications and includes ProPrep™ Genomic 96/100 for high throughput whole blood DNA and ProPrep™ BAC Mini for large insert plasmid preparations.

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Human CellExp™ FGFR5 / FGFRL1 Protein, Fc Tag, Human Recombinant
Recombinant Protein (10 ?g)
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Reagent (30 mL)
P0050-30Biotech Support Group£423.00order
Reagent (100 mL)
P0050-100Biotech Support Group£1,015.00order
ProPrep™ Genomic
Reagent (100, 50 μl blood)
PPG-100Biotech Support GroupEnquireorder
ProPrep™ Mini
Reagent (100, 2 mL cultures)
PMK-100Biotech Support GroupEnquireorder
There are 5 products in this selection.

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