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QRET Technologies

QRET Technologies, Inc. is a Turku, Finland, based manufacturer and provider of innovative technologies, reagents and turnkey tools for biological and biomedical research, research and development of pharmaceuticals and clinical diagnostics.

Their products and services focus primarily on time-resolved luminescence-based assay technologies and reagents, and nucleic acid extraction technologies.

Time-resolved luminescence assays and reagents

QRET Technologies is the provider of lanthanide chelates and related assay reagents. The current portfolio of assays focuses on GTPases and growth factors. Assays are homogeneous single-label concepts without labelling of target receptors in a high throughput format using 384 microtiter plates. Kits provide you with high sensitivity assays in a novel technology format.

QRET also offer services for assay development including labelling of proteins, small molecules, aptamers with lanthanide chelates and fluorochromes.

  • GTPase association assay kit
  • GTPase hydrolysis assay kit
  • Europium labelled GTP (various positions)
  • Europium chelate labels
  • GTP-specific antibody
  • VEGF and bFGF aptamer assay kit

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Protein aggregation and interaction

The Protein-Probe assay concept is revolutionizing biomedical research, due to its high sensitivity and ease of use. Using time-resolved luminescence as the detection technique, the Protein-Probe can detect protein (antibody) aggregation below 0.1% outperforming the sensitivity of existing technologies 100-fold. Protein-Probe external dye approach is highly applicable to protein-ligand interaction studies providing a tool for biochemical studies without labelling of protein and ligand.

  • Protein-Probe aggregation assay kit
  • Protein-Probe formulation assay kit
  • Protein-Probe protein stability assay kit
  • Protein-Probe protein-ligand assay kit

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Virus particle counting

QRET Technologies has developed the first functional bulk method to count enveloped and non-enveloped viruses in a high throughput format. The method provides a simple mix-and-measure tool to count viruses using time-resolved luminescence detection.

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Nucleic acid extraction

QuicPick nucleic acid extraction kits and QuickPick handheld tools provide high-quality nucleic acid isolation and purification based on magnetic particles. The kits are scalable and can be used both with automatic devices and hand-held tools.

  • QuickPick hand-held magnetic tools
  • QuicPick Plant extraction kit
  • QuicPick genomic DNA extraction kit

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