Cell Culture

Adipose Cell System

Adipocytes play an important role in energy and metabolism. Adipocyte differentiation is a developmental process that is critical for metabolic homeostasis and nutrient signaling. It is controlled by complex actions involving gene expression and signal transduction. The proliferation and differentiation

All-Inclusive 3D Spheroid Kits

Key features Convenient: Easy-to-use comprehensive kits. Flexible: Allows manipulations of specific variables using the All-Inclusive 3D Spheroid Kits. Uniform: Hundreds of 3D spheroids develop uniformly in each well using specially-formulated 3D culture medium. Reproducible: Obtains a statistically significant sample size from hundreds of 3D spheroids per well,

Ready-To-Use 3D Spheroids Kits

Unique features Innovative: Only company to offer Ready-To-Use spheroids. Ready-to-use: Obtains hundreds of uniform 3D spheroids per well in 24 hours after thawing. High-throughput: Just thaw and plate spheroids directly into 24-, 48-, or 96-well plates. Simple: No experience in 3D cell culture is required. Functional: Maintains the