Fresh and Frozen LeukoPaks

Fresh and Frozen LeukoPaks

Apheresis was first described over 100 years ago and has been used as a therapy for a number of different diseases, including sickle cell anemia and certain types of cancer. The use of apheresis as a method for isolating enriched leukapheresis products collected from normal peripheral blood was a major break through in regenerative medicines, cell therapy and stem cell research.

At Caltag Medsystems we work with a number of highly specialised suppliers of first class apheresis products. We can offer both fresh and frozen mobilised and non-mobilised LeukoPak’s from healthy donors as well as LeukoPaks from donors with hematological cancers.

Fresh LeukoPaks

Normal Healthy Leukapheresis Packs (LeukoPaks) are available in different sizes and with flexible collection options. In all LeukoPaks, the donors total blood volume is circulated through Spectra Optia® Apheresis Systems.
A Full LeukoPak contains 150ml of mononuclear cells and 150ml of autologous platelet rich plasma. Half and Quarter LeukoPaks which contain between 50-75ml of mononuclear cells plus 50-75ml of autologous platelet rich plasma are also available.

Fresh Mobilised LeukoPaks

For customers looking to perform large scale CD34+ cell isolations, we recommend Mobilised LeukoPaks. Mobilisation involves a series of injections of G-CSF or one injection of Mozobil to the donor, this allows the donors to secrete the rich lymphocyte cell populations found in the bone marrow into the blood stream. A Leukapheresis collection is then performed. Donors can perform a maximum of two mobilisations in their lifetime, with a one year period in between. Only full packs are available for mobilised LeukoPaks.

Frozen LeukoPaks

In the cell therapy industry, cryopreservation serves a dual purpose, to protect and preserve cellular function and flexibility with regards to the time and place the product will be used. Our frozen LeukoPaks ensure that post-thaw viability and cellular function is similar to that of cells in their natural state in the human body.

Diseased LeukoPaks

We have access to ¼ and ½ LeukoPaks from donors with hematological cancers. The feasibility and pricing depends on the type of hematological cancer. We would be happy to discuss your requirements further to provide you with the best options.

We also have Human Tissue Authority (HTA) license. This allows us to store human tissue in our liquid nitrogen tanks in-house in the United Kingdom. We now stock our most popular isolated cell types meaning our frozen isolated cells will be with you within 24-48 hours of ordering!


Fresh and Frozen LeukoPaks