Adipose Cell System

Adipose Cell System

Adipocytes play an important role in energy and metabolism. Adipocyte differentiation is a developmental process that is critical for metabolic homeostasis and nutrient signaling. It is controlled by complex actions involving gene expression and signal transduction. The proliferation and differentiation of preadipocytes contribute to increases in adipose tissue mass. It has been demonstrated that there is a close relationship between adipocyte differentiation and many physiological and pathological processes including fat metabolism, energy balance, obesity, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and breast cancer.

In deed recent studies indicates adipocytes play an active role in the tumor microenvironment. Cancer-associated adipocytes (CAAs) are not only found adjacent to cancer cells, but also communicate with cancer cells through releasing various factors that can mediate local and systemic effects. A better understanding of CAAs will provide insights into tumor biology and allow the optimisation of therapeutic strategies.

Through our network of suppliers Caltag Medsystems provides the highest quality primary human cultured preadipocytes and adipocytes (subcutaneous or visceral). Preadipocytes are provided cryopreserved or in culture. Adipocytes are differentiated in vitro from preadipocytes using our patent protected differentiation methods. Cells are available in a variety of plate formats. We also offer pericytes, human, dog and horse adipose derived MSCs, human adipose microvascular endothelial cells, pellet, lysate, miRNA and many more.

Cells are isolated from a wide variety of patients with good representation from all levels of adiposity and age. Cells are available from male and female donors. Pooled lots of cells are available from both male and female donors to provide large lots for screening and to decrease issues with patient to patient variability.

All cells have passed rigorous quality control measures including performance in lipid accumulation, lipolysis, and adipokine secretion. Cells have tested negative for HIV-1, HIV-2, HTLV-1, HTLV-2, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and mycoplasma.

Special formulated media are also available for use with our omental preadipocytes and adipocytes.

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Adipose Cell System