Quantitatively Detect Residual Protease in Samples

Quantitatively Detect Residual Protease in Samples


  • Eenterokinase ELISA Kit
  • HRV 3C Protease ELISA Kit
  • TEV Protease ELISA Kit
  • SUMO Protease (ULP1) ELISA Kit

These state-of-the-art tools are specifically engineered for excellence in quality control during protein development.

With cutting-edge sensitivity and specificity, they ensure precise measurement and reliable performance in monitoring protease activity.

Leadgene’s kits simplify the process of protein analysis, conserving both time and resources. Rely on Leadgene’s ELISA kits to augment your research capabilities, providing consistent results that propel scientific pursuits forward.

Leadgene Nuclease ELISA kit epitomises accuracy, reliability, and efficiency, serving as an indispensable tool in detecting and quantifying nuclease activity.

This kit seamlessly integrates into diverse applications, delivering consistent results that meet the demanding standards of modern scientific inquiry. 

With its user-friendly design and comprehensive support, the kit minimises the time required for analysis while amplifying the quality of your findings. 

Invest in Leadgene’s Nuclease ELISA Kit and elevate your research to unparalleled heights, enjoying the advantages of a product at the nexus of innovation, quality, and excellence.

Leadgene T7 RNA polymerase ELISA Kit provides precise, quantitative detection of T7 RNA Polymerase levels in sample solutions. 

Specifically tailored for scientists using T7 RNA Polymerase as an ancillary material, it excels in measuring post-process residual T7 levels.

Boost the credibility of research and build confidence in findings with Leadgene’s rigorously tested, reliable kit.

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Quantitatively Detect Residual Protease in Samples
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