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Apoptosis is the process of programmed cell death used by multicellular organisms to dispose of unneeded cells. In the process of cell death, apoptosis involves series of biochemical events in a cell, including cell shrinkage, chromatin condensation, membrane blebbing, nuclear collapse and DNA fragmentation. Some of those events can be used to detect the occurrence of apoptosis.

Apoptosis plays an important role in embryonic development and many diseases such as cancer. It has become a hot research field and many detection methods have been established. Listed below are some features that can be used to detect apoptosis:

  • Caspase activation
  • Annexin V binding
  • Mitochondrial membrane potential change
  • DNA fragmentation
  • Cytochrome c release

Abnova provides the research tools, including polyclonal & monoclonal antibodies, antibodies arrays, proteins, chimera RNAi, ELISA and assay kits for apoptosis research.


Immune escape for renal cell carcinoma: CD70 mediates apoptosis in lymphocytes.
Diegmann J, Junker K, Loncarevic IF, Michel S, Schimmel B, von Eggeling F.
Abnova product used: SIVA polyclonal antibody (A01)

Silencing of Fas-associated Death Domain Protects Mice from Septic Lung Inflammation and Apoptosis.
Matsuda N, Yamamoto S, Takano KI, Kageyama SI, Kurobe Y, Yoshiwara Y, Takano Y, Hattori Y.
Abnova product used: FAS monoclonal antibody (M02), clone 1D6

The novel histone deacetylase inhibitor, LBH589, induces expression of DNA damage response genes and apoptosis in Ph- acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells.
Scuto A, Kirschbaum M, Kowolik C, Kretzner L, Juhasz A, Atadja P, Pullarkat V, Bhatia R, Forman S, Yen Y, Jove R.
Abnova product used: GADD45G monoclonal antibody (M01), clone 1D3

Decitabine-Induced Demethylation of 5’CpG Island in GADD45A Leads to Apoptosis in Osteosarcoma Cells.
Al-Romaih K, Sadikovic B, Yoshimoto M, Wang Y, Zielenska M, Squire JA.
Abnova product used: GADD45A monoclonal antibody (M01), clone 3D12

Serum Cellular Apoptosis Susceptibility Protein Is a Potential Prognostic Marker for Metastatic Colorectal Cancer.
Stella Tsai CS, Chen HC, Tung JN, Tsou SS, Tsao TY, Liao CF, Chen YC, Yeh CY, Yeh KT, Jiang MC.
Abnova product used: CSE1L monoclonal antibody (M08), clone 3D8

Differential roles of CIDEA and CIDEC in insulin-induced anti-apoptosis and lipid droplet formation in human adipocytes.
Ito M, Nagasawa M, Hara T, Ide T, Murakami K.
Abnova product used: CIDEA monoclonal antibody (M01), clone 4B9

Fisetin induces apoptosis in Huh-7 cells via downregulation of BIRC8 and Bcl2L2.
Kim JY, Jeon YK, Jeon W, Nam MJ.
Abnova product used: BIRC8 MaxPab mouse polyclonal antibody (B01)

Inhibition of NF-kB activation sensitizes U937 cells to 3-azido-3-deoxythymidine induced apoptosis.
Matteucci C, Minutolo A, Balestrieri E, Marino-Merlo F, Bramanti P, Garaci E, Macchi B, Mastino A.
Abnova product used: GADD45A monoclonal antibody (M01), clone 3D12

AICAR induces apoptosis independently of AMPK and p53 through up-regulation of the BH3-only proteins BIM and NOXA in chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells.
Santidrian AF, Gonzalez-Girones DM, Iglesias-Serret D, Coll-Mulet L, Cosialls AM, de Frias M, Campas C, Gonzalez-Barca E, Alonso E, Labi V, Viollet B, Benito A, Pons G, Villunger A, Gil J.
Abnova product used: MOAP1 monoclonal antibody (M01), clone 4A11

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