Does Your Research Require High-Quality and Consistent Rabbit Recombinant Antibodies?

Does Your Research Require High-Quality and Consistent Rabbit Recombinant Antibodies?

Recombinant antibodies have revolutionised the field of research, offering a more specific, consistent, and high-quality alternative to traditional antibody development methods.

ProSci offers a comprehensive suite of services for recombinant antibody development, including antigen design and antibody purification and production. Their expert team uses advanced tools and technologies to develop rabbit recombinant antibodies with a defined structure, providing highly consistent and specific antibodies.

Fig. 1 Rabbit monoclonal antibody development

So, why choose rabbit recombinant antibodies?

  1. Higher specificity: Rabbit recombinant antibodies have high specificity and a lower risk of cross-reactivity with other proteins, reducing the chances of false positive results (1).
  2. Large Repertoire/Antibody Diversity: A wide range of specific antibodies can be generated due to the extensive antibody repertoire of rabbits.
  3. Better sensitivity: Rabbit recombinant antibodies often have higher sensitivity than other types of antibodies, providing more accurate results in your research.
  4. High Affinity: Rabbit antibodies have a high affinity, with longer CDR3s, making them ideal for immunoassays and other applications requiring high binding capacity (2).
  5. Multivalent designs: New recombinant antibody production techniques allow bivalent and trivalent antibodies to be designed through antibody engineering techniques (1).

With a dedicated team of scientists, ProSci provides comprehensive solutions for custom recombinant antibody development, tailoring each project to your needs. They offer Custom Rabbit Recombinant Services for various benefits, including high specificity and sensitivity. You can learn more about Rabbit Recombinant services here.

  • ProSci provides comprehensive deliverables, not just DNA sequences, giving you everything needed to proceed with your research.
  • Own the final antibody product from your project.
  • They offer customisable schedules and deliverables tailored to your needs.
  • They provide production and rabbit mAb conjugation services, ensuring that your project moves smoothly from start to finish.
  • They offer a range of screening applications, including standard ELISA, to meet your research needs.

ProSci provides customers with high-quality recombinant antibodies and services. Their Custom Recombinant Antibody Team is highly skilled in developing and producing antibodies through B cell cloning. ProSci scientists have developed a deep knowledge of recombinant technologies, implementing novel methodologies to increase the development of successful clones. Their advanced tools, technologies, and personal service ensure you receive the best possible results.

Maximise your research potential and achieve your next breakthrough with ProSci’s rabbit recombinant antibody services.


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Does Your Research Require High-Quality and Consistent Rabbit Recombinant Antibodies?
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