HepaSH™ – standardised quality Human Hepatocytes!

HepaSH™ – standardised quality Human Hepatocytes!


Biopredic International is a well-reputed supplier of human hepatocytes and the exclusive licensee of the renowned HepaRG model.

For over two decades, HepaRG has been instrumental in advancing liver research, earning the admiration and trust of scientists worldwide.

Biopredic were aware of the demand in the scientific community for a HepaRG-similar model from another donor and have worked hard in recent years to develop a hepatic model that can complement HepaRG. Now, Biopredic is delighted to unveil the latest addition to its portfolio: HepaSH™. As a continuation of the HepaRG™ model, HepaSH™ sustainable human hepatocytes from multiple donors represents the next evolution in liver research. Biopredic is confident that this model will be just as efficient as HepaRG™.

About HepaSH™

HepaSH™, standardised quality Human Hepatocytes, are made sustainable by the technology developed by Biopredic’s Japanese partner CIEA. This technology allows the obtaining of human hepatocytes “indefinitely” from the same donor by transplanting these human hepatocytes into humanised liver mice. This means once a “donor” of human hepatocytes was validated by a user, cells from this donor can be supplied as much as needed with a zero stock policy.

HepaSH™ cells have been shown to be a robust and reproducible model of human hepatocytes with long-term viability. Currently, hepatocytes from 3 donors are available and provided as fresh cells ready-to-plate. The HepaSH™ cells have shown functional hepatic performance, i.e. CYP expression and induction.

What sets HepaSH™ apart?

  • Functional performance
  • Sustainability over years
  • Robustness
  • Consistency across batches
  • Long-term viability up to 14 days in classical 2D cultures
  • Multi donor set
  • Zero stock policy


FSH001: 5.106 cell/vial → 1x 96-multi well plate
Provided as fresh suspended hepatocytes
3 donors are available:
Donor 1: Female, Caucasian, 12 years old
Donor 2: Male, Caucasian, 3 months
Donor 3: Male, African, 31 years old
William E- based cell culture medium
Can be maintained for up to 14 days in 2D culture
2 production sessions/month

Biopredic’s commitments: cell viability, number of viable cells, human cell percentage, sterility

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HepaSH™ – standardised quality Human Hepatocytes!

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