What Exactly is a TCR Tetramer?

What Exactly is a TCR Tetramer?

A TCR Tetramer is a reagent prepared by tetramerising biotinylated antigen-specific TCRs with the help of phycobiliprotein-labelled streptavidin.

MBL International has developed an innovative TCR tetramer reagent. This reagent is created by combining biotinylated antigen-specific TCRs with phycobiliprotein-labelled streptavidin, resulting in a unique and effective product. Furthermore, their TCR Tetramer reagents, specifically designed for cancer antigens (survivin-2B, PBF), have undergone thorough assessment for their staining properties using flow cytometry. The interaction between TCR-peptide and HLA is considered the gold standard for immune responses as it stimulates antigen-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL). Through targeting the TCR-peptide/HLA interactions, various immunotherapies have played a crucial role in the treatment of cancer.

Comparison between MHC and TCR Tetramers

StructureMHC/peptideTCR (α chain/β chain)
RecognitionSpecific TCRSpecific MHC/peptide complex
DetectionAntigen-specific T cells Antigen-specific tumours and antigen-presenting cells
・Monitoring of antigen-specific T cells
・Evaluation of the efficacy of cancer immunotherapies
・Quality control of cancer vaccine

MBLI offers TCR Tetramers for the detection and monitoring of antigen-specific T cells.

Product CodeProduct Name 
TS-TCR01-1Human TCR Tetramer-PE (HLA-A*24:02 survivin-2B80-88-AYACNTSTL)
TS-TCR02-1Human TCR Tetramer-PE (HLA-A*24:02 PBF145-153-AYRPVSRNI)

Information provided by MBL.

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What Exactly is a TCR Tetramer?
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