Antiviral Compounds – Potential Small Molecule Therapeutics Against COVID-19

There are no approved drugs to treat the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Existing drugs, that have a known favorable safety profile, are being examined for strategies to treat the disease and fast-track a treatment plan. Several influenza and HIV drugs are currently undergoing clinical trial in coronavirus patients. The rational selection of drugs already on the market is being made based on their ability to inhibit any proteins essential for virus-receptor interaction and/or viral life cycle.


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AdipoGen Life Sciences offers a Selection of Antiviral Small Molecules as Potential Tools for in vitro Studies of COVID-19 (not for human use).

Product NamePIDCAS NumberTargetAntiviral Activity
Amastatin . hydrochlorideAG-CP3-7003100938-10-1Viral entryViral Replication
ANPEP (Aminopeptidase N)
Camostat mesylateAG-CR1-371659721-29-8Viral entryViral Replication
Chloroquine . diphosphateAG-CR1-372150-63-5Lysosome functionViral Replication
Zinc ionophore
Hydroxychloroquine . sulfateAG-CR1-3720747-36-4Lysosome functionViral Replication
Zinc ionophore
DarunavirAG-CR1-3712206361-99-1Papain-like viral protease (PLVP)Viral Maturation/Replication
Darunavir . ethanolateAG-CR1-3724635728-49-3Papain-like viral protease (PLVP)Viral Maturation/Replication
EbselenAG-CR1-003160940-34-3Main Protease (Mpro)/3C-like ProteaseViral Transcription/Replication
ElbasvirAG-CR1-37291370468-36-2RdRP, Papain-like Proteinase and HelicaseViral Replication
FavipiravirAG-CR1-3717259793-96-9RNA-dependent RNA polymerases (RdRps)Viral Transcription/Replication
Imatinib mesylateAG-CR1-3725220127-57-1Virion fusion with endosomal membraneViral Replication
LopinavirAG-CR1-3715192725-17-0Coronavirus endopeptidase C30 (CEP_C30)Viral Maturation/Replication
Mycophenolic acidAG-CN2-041924280-93-1SARS-CoV-2 papain-like protease (PLpro)Viral Replication
Nelfinavir . mesylateAG-CR1-3726159989-65-8Post-entry inhibitorViral Replication
NiclosamideAG-CR1-364350-65-7Endosome acidificationViral Replication
Niclosamide . ethanolamineAG-CR1-36441420-04-8Endosome acidificationViral Replication
NitazoxanideAG-CR1-372355981-09-4Viral hemagglutininViral Maturation/
Viral IE2Transcription/Replication
Oseltamivir . phosphateAG-CR1-3714204255-11-8Viral neuraminidaseViral Replication
Release of viral particles
RemdesivirAG-CR1-37131809249-37-3RNA-dependent RNA polymerases (RdRps)Viral Transcription/Replication
Remdesivir MetaboliteAG-CR1-37221191237-69-0RNA-dependent RNA polymerases (RdRps)Viral Transcription/Replication
RibavirinAG-CR1-371936791-04-5RNA-dependent RNA polymerases (RdRps)Viral Transcription/Replication
RNA capping activity
Viral mutation rates
RitonavirAG-CR1-3683155213-67-5Coronavirus endopeptidase C30 (CEP_C30)Viral Maturation/Replication
Rosuvastatin . calcium saltAG-CR1-3728147098-20-2Main Protease MproViral Replication
Ruxolitinib . phosphate saltAG-CR1-36451092939-17-7JAK1/JAK2Viral Replication
Ruxolitinib (free base)AG-CR1-3624941678-49-5JAK1/JAK2Viral Replication
Saquinavir . mesylateAG-CR1-3727149845-06-7Main Protease MproViral Replication
ShikoninAG-CN2-0487517-89-5Main Protease (Mpro)/3C-like ProteaseViral Transcription/Replication
TofacitinibAG-CR1-3625477600-75-2JAK1/JAK3Viral Replication
Tofacitinib citrateCDX-T0461540737-29-9JAK1/JAK3Viral Replication
Umifenovir . HCl [Arbidol]AG-CR1-3718131707-23-8Viral entryViral Replication
Fusion into host cells


Antiviral Compounds – Potential Small Molecule Therapeutics Against COVID-19