Fibrinogen-like Protein 1 (FGL1) – A Major Ligand of LAG-3

LAG-3 is a coinhibitory immune checkpoint receptor that inhibits T cell response by binding to MHC-II. In a recent study published in Cell, the lab of Prof Lieping Chen (Yale University, US) identifies Fibrinogen-like protein 1 (FGL1), a molecule secreted by the liver and pancreas, as a major ligand for LAG-3 in both human and mouse. FGL1 binding to LAG-3 inhibits T cell response. FGL1 is upregulated in human cancers and high plasma FGL1 is associated with poor clinical outcomes in patients treated with anti-PD1 therapy.

AdipoGen Life Sciences provides a panel of reagents to study this new protein FGL1:

– Fc (human):FGL1 (human) (rec.) (Prod. No. AG-40B-0184)

– Fc (human):FGL1 (mouse) (rec.) (Prod. No. AG-40B-0185)

– LAG-3 (human):Fc (human) (rec.) (Prod. No. AG-40B-0031)

– LAG-3 (mouse):Fc (mouse) (rec.) (Prod. No. AG-40B-0039)

– anti-LAG-3 (human), mAb (AG-IHC103) (Prod. No. AG-20B-6023)

– anti-LAG-3, mAb (blocking) (11E3) (Prod. No. AG-20B-0011)

– anti-LAG-3 (human), mAb (blocking) (17B4) (Prod. No. AG-20B-0012)

LIT: Fibrinogen-like Protein 1 Is a Major Immune Inhibitory Ligand of LAG-3: J. Wang, et al.; Cell 176, 334 (2019)

Fibrinogen-like Protein 1 (FGL1) – A Major Ligand of LAG-3
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