CD80 Immune Checkpoint

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CD80, also known as B7-1, is a type I membrane protein that is a member of the immunoglobulin superfamily that is expressed by antigen-presenting cells. Like the related protein CD86, this protein is expressed by antigen-presenting cells and is the ligand for CD28 and CTLA-4 at the cell surface of T cells. Binding of this protein with CD28 antigen is a costimulatory signal for activation of the T-cell and induces T-cell proliferation and cytokine production.


Risk-Free™ Mouse Monoclonal CD80 Products

ProSci’s Risk-Free™ antibodies are monoclonal antibodies made to improve in vivo studies. Unlike antibodies developed using proteins made in yeast or bacteria, Risk-Free™ antibodies are developed with antigens expressed in mammalian cell lines, giving the most native post-translational modifications to the protein. Risk-Free™ means they are guaranteed to work for their approved applications.

Risk-Free™ Mouse Monoclonal CD80 Set

ProSci’s Risk-Free™ Sets consists of several mAbs with different binding features allowing selection of the best clone.

Product SetSizeContentsDescription
Risk-Free CD80 Set (PSI-RF16040)20μg / ClonePSI -RF16041, PSI-RF16042, PSI-RF16043, PSI-RF16044, PSI-RF16045, PSI-RF16046CD80 antibodies were raised against the extracellular domain of human CD-80.

Risk-Free™ Mouse Monoclonal CD80 Antibodies

ProSci Risk-Free™ CD80 products are rigorously tested and guaranteed to work for their designated applications.


(blank)= Not Yet Determined|- = Negative|+ = Fair|++ = Average|+++ = Good|++++ = Excellent


Risk-Free™ Single Domain Monoclonal CD80 Products

Llama single domain antibodies (sdAbs) offer unique characteristics amenable to many applications. These sdAbs demonstrate low nanomolar binding affinity and can be used for the various applications. Note: CD80 single domain antibody should be stored in working aliquots at -20°C, stable for up to one year. As with all antibodies, care should be taken to avoid repeated freeze thaw cycles. Antibodies should not be exposed to prolonged high temperatures.


Related Products


Cat. NoProduct TypeSpeciesTissue/Cell
PSI-RF16040-01Recombinant ProteinHumanHuman Cells


Cat. NoProduct TypeSpeciesTissue/Cell
PSI-RF10001-06Positive Control (Cell Lysate)HumanRaji
PSI-RF10001-04Positive Control (Tissue Lysate)HumanTonsil
PSI-RF10001-02Negative Control (Cell Lysate)HumanHEK293


Cat. No.Product TypeSpeciesTissue/Cell
PSI-RF10002-04Positive Control (Cells)HumanRaji
PSI-RF10002-02Negative Control (Cells)HumanHEK293


Cat. No.HRPBiotinCustom
PSI-RF16041EnquireContact Us
PSI-RF16042EnquireContact Us
PSI-RF16043EnquireContact Us
PSI-RF16044EnquireContact Us
PSI-RF16045EnquireContact Us
PSI-RF16046EnquireContact Us


Additional CD80 Antibody Products

Monoclonal antibodies are highly specific and recognize only one epitope on an antigen which generates consistent performance in quantitative detection applications regardless of production batch. Polyclonal antibodies have high affinity and recognize different epitopes on a specific antigen. Note: These antibodies can be stored at -20˚C and are stable for up to one year. Antibodies should not be exposed to prolonged high temperatures.

CD80 Monoclonal Products

Cat. No.NameApplications
PSI-51-377CD80 Antibody [2A2]ELISA, IF, IHC
PSI-76-040CD80 Antibody [16-10A1]Flow, Func, IHC, IF, IP
PSI-76-042CD80 Antibody [16-10A1] (FITC)Flow
PSI-76-045CD80 Antibody [16-10A1] (PE)Flow
PSI-76-047CD80 Antibody [16-10A1] (APC)Flow
PSI-76-049CD80 Antibody [3H5] (PE)Flow

CD80 Polyclonal Products

Cat. No.Antigen RangeELISAWBICCIFIHCFlow
PSI-867960 - 110++++++++++++++++
PSI-42-780201 - 250+++
PSI-61-757260 - 288+++++++
PSI-XP-51041 - 288
PSI-XP-5104Bt1 - 288

(blank)= Not Yet Determined|- = Negative|+ = Fair|++ = Average|+++ = Good|++++ = Excellent

CD80 Recombinant Protein Products

Cat. No.SequenceFusion TagSpeciesTissue/Cell
PSI-90-399Aa 35 - 237Fc TagHumanCHO
PSI-90-400Aa 35 - 142Fc TagHumanCHO
PSI-90-401Aa 37 - 245Fc TagMouseCHO
PSI-92-581Val 38 - Lys 245C-Fc TagMouseHuman
PSI-96-044Val 35 - Asn 242His TagHumanHEK293
PSI-96-045Val 35 - Asn 242C-Fc TagHumanHEK293
PSI-96-085Ala 37 - Ser 160His TagCynomolgus monkeyHEK293

CD80 Peptide Products

Cat. No.LocationSpecies
PSI-42-780PA synthetic peptide corresponding to the internal region of CD80Human
PSI-8679P17 amino acid peptide near the amino terminus of human CD80Human

Additional CD80 Information

ProSci products are distributed across Europe by Caltag Medsystems. If you have any questions about the products in this blog, please contact us.

CD80 Immune Checkpoint
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