Visualising Protein-Protein Interaction with FLUOPPI Technology

Visualising Protein-Protein Interaction with FLUOPPI Technology

The understanding of protein-protein interactions is crucial for gaining insights into drug discovery and pathogenesis. It provides a unique glimpse into the natural communication between cells that is often unseen with in vitro assays. However, some attempts to visualise the interaction between two proteins can have some challenges. It can be time-consuming with cumbersome protocols often leading to unfavourable results accompanied with photobleaching.

MBLI’s technology, Fluoppi, simplifies the visualisation of protein-protein interaction. This innovative technology utilises fluorescent tags with a high signal-to-noise ratio, in turn requiring only a microscope to observe the fluorescence.

Fluoppi technology is a simple and effective way to obtain clear and precise results. To begin, create your constructs by conjugating Protein X with our FP-tag and Protein Y with our Ash-tag. From there, you can explore various conditions to determine the optimal fluorescence. Finally, test inhibitors or activators, so you can observe real-time protein-protein interaction events.

Fluoppi technology enables the researcher to easily identify and accurately measure the interaction between your Protein X and Y.  Take your research to new heights with Fluoppi technology, which is invaluable for drug discovery, high throughput screening, and other applications.

Product CodeProduct Name 
AM-VS0801MHumanized Azami-Green for Fluoppi (phAG-MNL/MCL)
AM-VS0802MMonti-Red for Fluoppi (pMonti-Red-MNL/MCL)
AM-8011MFluoppi Ver.2: Ash-hAG (Ash-MNL/MCL + hAG-MNL/MCL) 


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Visualising Protein-Protein Interaction with FLUOPPI Technology

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