Human Brain Microvascular Endothelial Cells – NEW!

Searching for Human Brain Microvascaular Endothelial Cells (HBMECs), look no further! Neuromic’s offers HBMECs as well as many other human brain cells including¬†primary human neurons, astrocytes, microglia and Schwann cells.



Product Code: NEU-HEC02
Pack Size: 500,000 Cells (Frozen)






General Information
HBMECs were isolated from normal human brain tissue. Passage 2, cells are shipped on dry ice in a vial. ENDO-Growth Media is
recommended for culture. Cells have an average additional population doubling level >15 when cultured.

Characterization of the cells
Cytoplasmic VWF / Factor VIII: >95% positive by immunofluorescence
Cytoplasmic uptake of Di-I-Ac-LDL: >95% positive by immunofluorescence
Cytoplasmic PECAM1 >95% positive by immunofluorescence

HBMECs are negative for HIV-1, HBV, HCV, and mycoplasma.

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