Human Brain Microvascular Endothelial Cells – NEW!

Searching for Human Brain Microvascaular Endothelial Cells (HBMECs), look no further! Neuromic’s offers HBMECs as well as many other human brain cells including primary human neurons, astrocytes, microglia and Schwann cells.



Product Code: NEU-HEC02
Pack Size: 500,000 Cells (Frozen)






General Information
HBMECs were isolated from normal human brain tissue. Passage 2, cells are shipped on dry ice in a vial. ENDO-Growth Media is
recommended for culture. Cells have an average additional population doubling level >15 when cultured.

Characterization of the cells
Cytoplasmic VWF / Factor VIII: >95% positive by immunofluorescence
Cytoplasmic uptake of Di-I-Ac-LDL: >95% positive by immunofluorescence
Cytoplasmic PECAM1 >95% positive by immunofluorescence

HBMECs are negative for HIV-1, HBV, HCV, and mycoplasma.

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